Unleashing Innovation: Exploring the Exciting Information Technology Startups in Portugal

Discover the dynamic and innovative Information Technology startups in Portugal that are reshaping industries and driving digital transformation.


Portugal has emerged as a thriving hub for Information Technology startups, fostering innovation and technological advancement. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting startups that are revolutionizing various sectors with their cutting-edge solutions. From sustainable mobility management to blockchain-powered tourism, these startups are at the forefront of the digital revolution.


GoWithFlow provides a sustainable Mobility Management solution that optimizes the entire mobility and energy lifecycle. Their innovative platform offers efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions for businesses and individuals.


Enline is a global leader in the development of advanced digital twins for Power Grids. Their cutting-edge digital twin technology enhances the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of power transmission systems.


X-Plora is a platform that combines augmented reality (AR/VR), gamification, and blockchain to enhance visitor experiences in physical and virtual tours. Their innovative approach transforms tourism experiences, offering immersive and interactive journeys.

AKTO | Play Your Future

AKTO is an edutainment application that provides interactive learning experiences. Through gamified educational content, AKTO engages and inspires learners of all ages, making education a fun and rewarding experience.


WeChangers is a messaging and community platform that connects funders and social purpose organizations. Their platform fosters collaboration and amplifies the impact of social initiatives by facilitating connections and knowledge sharing.


Wysensing offers solutions for managing and monitoring equipment and locations for quality control and hygiene analysis. Their innovative technologies ensure efficient processes and high-quality standards.

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Effizency is a B2B Energy Services Sales Accelerator platform that helps utilities accelerate the rollout of energy services worldwide. Their platform enables businesses to optimize energy consumption and promote sustainability.

BlueLabs Malta

BlueLabs Malta is a software development company that provides a sports betting platform. Their advanced software solutions ensure a seamless and engaging betting experience for sports enthusiasts.


REATIA delivers the cleanest and most complete real estate database, solving chaos and asymmetric information in the real estate industry. Their data-driven solutions empower businesses and individuals in making informed decisions.

Catappult Console

Catappult Console is a blockchain app distribution console that simplifies and secures the distribution of blockchain-powered applications. Their platform ensures seamless app deployment and integration.


gStudio is a software company that develops and hosts private applications, providing businesses with customized software solutions. Their applications streamline processes and enhance productivity.

DareData Engineering

DareData Engineering is a Data & AI Consultancy and Talent Agency that solves existing data problems for enterprises and startups. Their expertise in data analytics and AI helps businesses unlock valuable insights.

Miio Electric

Miio Electric makes electric mobility more convenient, simple, and straightforward. Their mobile and web applications provide seamless access to electric mobility services, promoting sustainable transportation.


ngKloud is a public cloud SaaS that automates the reselling of multi-cloud services to B2B markets. Their platform simplifies the process of reselling cloud services, enabling businesses to expand their offerings.


Azitek develops low-cost RFID technology for indoor and outdoor geolocation solutions. Their innovative solutions provide accurate and efficient tracking capabilities for various applications.

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These 15 Information Technology startups in Portugal are driving innovation and transforming industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From sustainable mobility to data analytics and blockchain, these startups are shaping the future of technology in Portugal and beyond. With their entrepreneurial spirit and technological expertise, they are poised to make a lasting impact in the global tech landscape.

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