Innovative Manufacturing Startups in Spain: Shaping the Future of Production

Discover the cutting-edge manufacturing startups in Spain that are revolutionizing industries with their innovative solutions.


Spain is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, and its manufacturing sector is no exception. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting manufacturing startups in Spain that are transforming the way we produce goods. From electric motorcycles to sustainable packaging solutions, these startups are pushing the boundaries of technology, sustainability, and design.

Stark Future

Stark Future is an electric motorcycle manufacturer that combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable transportation solutions. Their electric motorcycles offer a clean and efficient alternative for urban mobility.


iPronics develops innovative concepts of general-purpose integrated programmable photonic systems. Their solutions revolutionize manufacturing processes by leveraging the power of photonics and semiconductor technologies.


Lubets is a Spanish-based company specializing in the manufacturing of personal lubricants and intimate gels. Their high-quality products promote personal health and well-being.

Capri Bikes

Capri Bikes is a manufacturer and seller of bicycles, offering a range of models for various needs. Their bikes combine functionality, style, and sustainability.

Odisei Music

Odisei Music is a young company that manufactures, develops, and designs electronic wind instruments. Their innovative instruments push the boundaries of traditional music and enable new creative possibilities.


Classpack is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing 100% bio-based packaging solutions and eco-efficient equipment. Their innovative approach helps businesses transition to sustainable packaging alternatives.


Oimo specializes in the development, creation, testing, and implementation of sustainable packaging. Their solutions address the environmental challenges associated with packaging waste.

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Kurago is a software development firm that creates software solutions for sheet metal manufacturers. Their software streamlines manufacturing processes, optimizing efficiency and productivity.


Tewis specializes in industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, control, and energy efficiency. Their solutions help businesses meet their cooling needs while reducing energy consumption.

MIFCO Biosciences

MIFCO Biosciences is a cultivation company that produces medical cannabis under pharmaceutical standards. Their commitment to quality and compliance ensures the delivery of safe and effective medical cannabis products.


Gorilant is a manufacturer of wooden sports equipment. Their high-quality products combine craftsmanship and innovation, offering athletes exceptional performance and durability.


GPASeabots develops semi-autonomous and unmanned marine robotic vehicles for sustaining the marine environment. Their solutions enable efficient data collection and support marine conservation efforts.


MAAR offers natural perfumes and marine cosmetics. Their products are crafted with care and provide a sensory experience that enhances well-being and beauty.

Episkey Medical Consulting

EpisKey Medical Consulting is a consultancy that designs strategies and implements quality systems for medical device manufacturers. Their expertise ensures compliance and high-quality standards in the manufacturing of medical devices.

Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier is a manufacturer of equipment designed to remove suspended particles, gases, and viruses from the air. Their air purifiers promote clean and healthy environments for homes and businesses.


These 15 innovative manufacturing startups in Spain are driving forward the future of production. Through their groundbreaking solutions, they are revolutionizing various industries and contributing to sustainable and efficient manufacturing processes. As Spain continues to foster a thriving startup ecosystem, these startups are at the forefront of technological advancements, shaping the manufacturing landscape both in Spain and beyond.

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