Unleashing Creativity: Exploring the Advertising Startups Transforming Spain

Discover the Dynamic Advertising Startups Redefining the Marketing Landscape in Spain

Spain, a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation, is home to a thriving advertising startup ecosystem. These dynamic companies are revolutionizing the way businesses promote their products and services, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies. In this article, we will showcase 15 captivating startups that are reshaping the advertising industry in Spain, ranging from influencer marketing software to digital media agencies. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Spanish advertising startups!

Vendfy: Elevating Influencer Marketing Analytics

Vendfy is a SaaS company that offers software to track sales, analyze, and enhance the ROI of influencer marketing for e-commerce businesses. With Vendfy, companies can gain valuable insights and optimize their influencer marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Admiral Media: Empowering Marketing Excellence

Admiral Media is a marketing and mobile app marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including analytics, consulting, advertising, and creative solutions. With their expertise, Admiral Media helps businesses create impactful marketing strategies and achieve their growth objectives.

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La Caja Company: Crafting Compelling Content

La Caja Company is a content marketing agency that specializes in creating engaging and captivating content for brands. From email marketing to SEO and social media, La Caja Company helps businesses establish a strong online presence and connect with their target audience effectively.

Solid.: Driving Results through Inbound Marketing

Solid. is an inbound marketing agency that focuses on delivering results for businesses. With their expertise in digital marketing, lead generation, and SEO, Solid. helps companies attract and convert customers through strategic and data-driven approaches.

Tisda: Designing Engaging Online Experiences

Tisda is a web design and online marketing agency that specializes in graphic design, web design, and online marketing services. With their creative solutions, Tisda helps businesses create visually appealing websites and execute effective online marketing campaigns.

MONO MADRID: Igniting Creativity with Impactful Marketing

MONO MADRID is an independent creative agency that provides marketing and advertising services. With their unique approach and innovative strategies, MONO MADRID helps brands stand out and make a lasting impact on their target audience.

OTS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL: Unleashing Media Potential

OTS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of services in the media industry. From advertising to content creation, OTS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL helps businesses amplify their message and reach a wider audience through effective media campaigns.

Unblockia: Empowering Online Advertising

Unblockia is an online advertising and internet company that offers 24/7 coverage, easy integration, and brand viewability services. With their comprehensive solutions, Unblockia helps businesses maximize their online advertising impact and ensure brand visibility.

Bushido Talent: Nurturing Digital Marketing Success

Bushido Talent is a digital marketing agency that specializes in brand marketing and digital strategies. With their expertise, Bushido Talent helps businesses build a strong online presence and engage their target audience effectively.

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Persualia: Driving Social Media Marketing Success

Persualia provides social media marketing, marketing strategy, and digital marketing services. With their deep understanding of social media platforms, Persualia helps businesses create impactful social media campaigns that drive engagement and brand awareness.

Priopcion: Streamlining Marketing and Promotion Logistics

Priopcion is a marketing and promotion logistics company. With their expertise in digital marketing and logistics, Priopcion helps businesses execute marketing campaigns and promotional activities seamlessly.

Liten Lemon: Empowering Digital Marketing Strategies

Liten Lemon is a digital marketing agency located in Madrid, Spain. With their comprehensive digital marketing services and expertise in web design, Liten Lemon helps businesses develop effective digital marketing strategies and achieve their marketing goals.

Relevanzz: Maximizing Digital Advertising Impact

Relevanzz is a digital media agency that provides paid campaigns and ads on social media platforms. With their expertise in digital marketing and Facebook advertising, Relevanzz helps businesses maximize their digital advertising impact and reach their target audience effectively.

Samurai Marketing: Driving Digital Marketing Success

Samurai Marketing operates as a digital marketing agency offering solutions for small and medium-sized companies. With their expertise in digital marketing, Samurai Marketing helps businesses create effective marketing strategies and achieve their growth objectives.

mousee: Empowering Digital Marketing Solutions

Mousee is a digital marketing agency for businesses. With their expertise in advertising and web design, Mousee helps businesses create compelling digital marketing campaigns and establish a strong online presence.


The advertising startups in Spain are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging technology and creative strategies to reshape the marketing landscape. From influencer marketing analytics to digital media agencies, these 15 startups are redefining how businesses connect with their target audience and drive growth. Keep an eye on these dynamic companies as they continue to disrupt the advertising industry in Spain and make a lasting impact on the global marketing landscape.

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