Transforming Pet Tracking: Next Big Leap in IoT and Consumer Applications?

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Key Takeaways

  • HeyPet is a startup founded in Greece in 2019 that’s making innovative strides in the pet industry.
  • With the Internet of Things at its core, the startup is focusing on developing secure tracking systems for pet owners.
  • The company promises to adhere to strict GDPR requirements and pledges not to share customer data with third-party individuals or agencies.
  • Coming products include HeyPet ID and HeyPet Tag, which will be supported by the core database developed by a veteran software engineering team.

In recent years, the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the consumer sector has transformed many industries. One such promising startup operating in this space is HeyPet, based out of Lavrion, Greece. Founded in December 2019, HeyPet is leveraging IoT technology to provide an unprecedented level of security to pet owners. The company aims to create a comprehensive and robust ecosystem that allows pet owners to track and monitor their pets’ whereabouts safely and accurately while ensuring strict adherence to GDPR requirements.

The founders Yiannis Tsaliagkos and Yiannis Zenzefilis have pooled their years of experience into creating a powerful product line that will tackle the concerns many pet owners face when it comes to the safety and tracking of their companions. Its proposed product line consists of HeyPet ID and HeyPet Tag, with a supporting database, and a dedicated mobile app scheduled for launch in 2020.

What sets HeyPet apart is its commitment to privacy and security. In a landscape where data breaches and misuse are commonplace, HeyPet’s pledge not to share user data with individuals or government agencies is significant. Furthermore, they have developed their core database using the expertise of skilled software engineers George Bikas and Dimitris Bikas. Their proposed product line, namely HeyPet ID and HeyPet Tag, coupled with a dedicated mobile app is setting the stage for a major shift in the pet tracking industry.

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HeyPet is also looking ahead into the future, with plans to design a small and energy-efficient GPS device. This device is expected to use multiple wireless technologies to transmit accurate GeoLocation data, further facilitating pet tracking. Such a development could potentially be transformative not only for pet owners but also for similar applications requiring precise location tracking.

In an industry which is constantly evolving and growing, HeyPet is poised to create a significant impact. With firm commitments to data security, customer service, and innovative pet tracking solutions, the future for HeyPet looks very promising indeed. To find out more about this dynamic startup, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook.

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