The Rise of Decentors: Europe’s Digital Powerhouses in Action

Decentralizing Europe's Technological Future, One Hub at a Time

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Revolution: European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are evolving as the primary catalysts for digital transformation in the European business landscape.
  • Pan-European Collaboration: The regional outreach of EDIHs combined with a European-wide network ensures seamless exchange of knowledge and specialized services.
  • Continuous Expansion: Following the success of the initial selection, the EDIH network is rapidly expanding, cementing Europe’s commitment to a digital future.
  • Integrated Network Approach: The integration of EDIHs with other European initiatives like the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) amplifies the overall potential for SMEs.
  • Digital Maturity: With tools like the Digital Maturity Assessment tool, EDIHs provide measurable impacts, proving their worth in today’s digital age.

Decentors: The Heart of Digital Evolution

Decentors, the European Digital Innovation Hubs, are shaping up to be the lifeblood of the digital transformation wave that is currently sweeping across Europe. Their one-stop approach to supporting businesses and public sector organisations helps bridge the existing digital divide, ensuring that Europe remains at the forefront of global digital innovation.

The Decentors’ Digital Blueprint

A Tailored Approach

The strength of these hubs lies in their regional presence. They are tuned into the local needs, culture, and language, making their services extremely relevant and effective. This localization, coupled with a pan-European outlook, creates a perfect blend of proximity and vastness, giving local businesses the advantage of both worlds.

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Funding and Selection

The recent call under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) has expanded the network, further emphasizing the EU’s commitment to digital transformation. The collaborative funding mechanism, where 50% is from DIGITAL and the rest from Member States or private sources, is a testament to the shared vision and commitment of all stakeholders.

Seal of Excellence

The recognition of high-quality candidate EDIHs with the Seal of Excellence further propels the importance and credibility of these hubs. It not only highlights their significance but also ensures that deserving hubs get the requisite funding and operational capacity, even if they aren’t immediately supported by DIGITAL.

The Grand EDIH Network: Synergy in Action

Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA)

The DTA is the backbone of the EDIH network, ensuring that these hubs have the digital tools, platforms, and presence to operate efficiently. From hosting the online catalogue of EDIHs to managing their web presence, the DTA amplifies the hubs’ capabilities.

Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

An essential feature of the EDIHs’ arsenal is the Digital Maturity Assessment tool, designed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. This tool is an essential metric to understand the digital growth of organizations and the impact EDIHs have had on them.

Strengthened Collaboration

Many EDIHs are now collaborating with other significant European initiatives, ensuring a unified approach to supporting SMEs. By tying up with networks like the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), European Industrial Clusters (EIC), and Start-up Europe, these hubs ensure that SMEs get an integrated service experience.

The Way Forward: A Digital Europe

The momentum set by EDIHs in the past year indicates a bright future for Europe’s digital landscape. With events like the EDIH Network Annual Summit and initiatives that focus on “Digitising the industry,” it’s evident that the continent is gearing up for a digital renaissance. The rise of the decentors, as they’re now colloquially known, is a beacon of hope and potential. They stand as pillars of Europe’s commitment to digital advancement, ensuring that the continent remains at the helm of global digital leadership.

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As Europe marches into the future, the role of these hubs will be pivotal. They are not just centers of digital transformation but are the very embodiment of Europe’s spirit of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Decentors, with their unique blend of regional personalization and pan-European collaboration, are setting the stage for a digital Europe that is open, vibrant, and ahead of the curve.


With the rise of decentors, Europe is positioning itself as a global leader in the digital age. The synergy between EDIHs and other networks, coupled with tools like the Digital Maturity Assessment, proves that the continent is not just witnessing a digital transformation but is actively shaping its digital destiny. The future of Europe is digital, and the decentors are leading the charge.

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