The Next Big Leap in Healthcare Technology: Get Ready for CharmHealth’s 2023 Innovation Challenge!

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare with Industry Titans at the Helm

Key Takeaways:

  • CharmHealth announces CEO, David Maman, and neuroscientist Dr. Divya Chander as keynote speakers for their 2023 Innovation Challenge.
  • The event offers a prime opportunity for innovators to secure funding, mentorship, and partnership opportunities.
  • Last chance for budding entrepreneurs and organizations to pitch groundbreaking digital health ideas.

A Gathering of Visionaries

Pioneers Take the Stage

In a powerful move to redefine the future of healthcare, CharmHealth, a foremost name in healthcare technology solutions, has announced its keynote speakers for the upcoming Innovation Challenge 2023: David Maman, the dynamic CEO of, and Dr. Divya Chander, an acclaimed neuroscientist with affiliations to Singularity University.

This stellar duo will engage with attendees about the mounting challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Additionally, their guidance promises to be invaluable for attendees, ranging from budding entrepreneurs and students to nonprofits.

Behind the Speakers:

Trailblazers in Their Fields

David Maman’s brainchild,, stands tall in the healthcare tech sphere, driving accessibility to health data for improved care. With a multitude of accolades, including the prestigious health and wellness innovation award at CES, and recognition from leading publications like The Marker Magazine and Globes Magazine, Maman’s insights are keenly awaited.

On the other side, Dr. Divya Chander, with her prestigious affiliations and in-depth research into the neural mechanisms of consciousness, promises to shed light on the future evolution of healthcare, intertwined with human augmentation.

More Than Just Talks

Innovation in the Spotlight

The 2023 Innovation Challenge isn’t just a talking shop. It’s a platform for digital health mavens to connect with significant stakeholders – from investors and incubators to potential business partners. High-profile representatives from Inflect Health and Bioverge, known for their shrewd investments in the healthcare sector, will be scouting for the next big thing.

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Finalists in the challenge stand to gain more than just recognition. There’s cash on the table, plus unparalleled opportunities for funding, mentorship, and partnerships. Plus, the integration of their products with CharmHealth’s platform could skyrocket their market reach and growth potential.

CharmHealth’s Legacy:

Excellence Personified

Known for its commitment to efficient, high-quality care through tech innovations, CharmHealth’s product suite has repeatedly garnered praise. Its offerings have been recognized by Gartner-acquired platform, Software Advice, and even Forbes, solidifying its position as a market leader.

Your Chance to Shine

Innovators, Take Note!

For those looking to make their mark in digital health, the window is closing. Submissions for the Innovation Challenge are due by August 15, 2023. The focus areas are diverse, ranging from Telehealth to mHEALTH, and submissions can be from startups, students, or even research groups.

For all the details, including guidelines and key dates, the official challenge website,, is the place to go.

About CharmHealth

Synonymous with groundbreaking healthcare tech solutions, CharmHealth is dedicated to meeting the modern challenges of healthcare with patient-focused, interoperable solutions. To stay updated on their latest ventures, follow them on Twitter @charmhealth and Facebook at

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