Revolutionizing Health & Wellness: A New Era Dawns for Professionals

An Inside Look at How The Health and Wellness Sector Is Being Transformed

Key Takeaways:

  • Revolutionary Model: New marketplace model prioritizes health and wellness professionals, offering them unprecedented autonomy.
  • Major Expansion: After conquering London, ambitious plans are set to expand to the US and diversify services in the upcoming years.
  • Influential Collaboration: Renowned entrepreneur Steven Bartlett jumps on board, bringing expertise and investment to fuel growth.

New Dawn for Professionals

Have you ever imagined a marketplace where health and wellness professionals are not burdened by high operational costs but rather are empowered to serve at their best capacity? Look no further! The London-based platform, UNTIL, is pioneering such a transformative model.

Understanding the UNTIL Vision

Launching just in 2021, UNTIL is a visionary endeavor co-founded by enterprising minds: Vishal Amin and Alex Pellew. The business platform has since addressed a massive void in the health & wellness sector. By eliminating the need for professionals to share a slice of their hard-earned revenue, UNTIL offers a refreshing take, allowing 250+ professionals across 30+ specialties to flourish.

The platform’s locations are not just restricted to Soho and Liverpool Street. With eyes on global expansion, a third location in Marylebone is on the horizon, with services diversifying even to include offerings such as dentistry.

Growth Speaks Volumes

As a testament to its success and market fit, UNTIL reports the delivery of over 5,000 sessions monthly by its professionals. In just a year, the business has seen sales doubling, projecting an optimistic revenue forecast. But what’s truly exciting is their roadmap for the next half-decade, targeting an impressive £100m ARR.

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Steven Bartlett: The Game Changer

The announcement of Steven Bartlett, host of the top-ranking ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast and an established name in the entrepreneurial world, as UNTIL’s new Marketing Co-Founder is nothing short of groundbreaking. Bartlett, having recently invested in the £4m investment round, is poised to use his vast experience to navigate the brand’s strategic direction, expand to the US market, and enhance its digital footprint.

For Bartlett, the decision is deeply personal. He believes in UNTIL’s vision of a balanced health and wellness marketplace that genuinely supports professionals. “Without our physical and mental health in good shape, we have nothing,” he remarks, highlighting the urgent need for market reform and the pivotal role UNTIL plays.

A Shared Vision

Bartlett’s sentiment is echoed by UNTIL’s leadership. Vishal Amin, the Co-Founder and CEO, expresses confidence in Bartlett’s abilities to elevate the brand. He remarks, “Steven shares UNTIL’s mission to champion the hard-working entrepreneurs in this industry. They have been overlooked for too long, and it is time for change.”

Alex Pellew, Co-Founder and CXO, adds to this, seeing Bartlett as a strategic fit who embodies UNTIL’s core values. The shared vision between these powerhouses foretells a brighter future for health and wellness professionals.

Conclusion: The Future Looks Bright

As UNTIL continues its journey, one thing is clear: the health and wellness industry is on the cusp of a monumental shift. With collaborative forces like Amin, Pellew, and now Bartlett, the sector is bound to see transformations that prioritize professionals, ensuring they can deliver their best without any hindrance.

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The health and wellness space might have been broken, but with endeavors like UNTIL and leaders who are passionate about real change, the future is promising. The professionals have been waiting, and it seems their time has finally arrived!

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