Startup Showcase: Yocabè – Connecting Apparel Brands and Global Customers on Online Marketplaces

Yocabè is an Italian startup that aims to connect apparel brands with global customers of online marketplaces. With its innovative business model and strong commitment to its partners, Yocabè offers a B2B2C solution to the apparel industry that leverages the power of e-commerce and online marketplaces to bring their products to a wider audience.

Innovative Business Model

What sets Yocabè apart from other players in the field is its unique business model. Instead of charging brands a fixed fee for its services, Yocabè works on a performance basis, earning a commission on transactions. This way, the company has a vested interest in helping its partners succeed and grow their business. By sharing the risks and rewards with its partners, Yocabè has created a win-win situation for all involved.

Global Expansion

Since its inception, Yocabè has been expanding its reach beyond Italy, where it started. The company has already established a strong presence in some of the most important European countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain, and France. By partnering with local marketplaces and leveraging its expertise in multi-language catalog creation and customer care, Yocabè is well-positioned to continue expanding its reach in the global e-commerce market.

B2B2C Partner

Yocabè positions itself as a B2B2C partner for apparel brands, offering them a range of services to help them succeed in the global e-commerce market. This includes smart logistics, which ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of products to customers, and visibility optimization, which helps brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. By offering a full suite of services to its partners, Yocabè is able to act as a real partner in the growth and success of their businesses.

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In conclusion, Yocabè is an innovative startup that has created a unique business model to connect apparel brands with global customers on online marketplaces. Its commitment to its partners and its expertise in e-commerce and online marketplaces make it a valuable partner for any apparel brand looking to expand its reach and grow its business in the global market.




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