Startup Showcase: Greater Fool Media – Monetizing Online Video and Influencer Campaigns

Greater Fool Media is an independent YouTube Multichannel Network (MCN) based in Rome, Italy, that specializes in monetizing online video and influencer campaigns. The company is committed to helping its partners earn money and grow their online presence while providing innovative solutions for brands looking to connect with their targeted audience.

Impressive Growth and Success

Greater Fool Media has experienced significant growth since its inception, with traffic growth YoY in excess of 100%, exceeding 3 billion views in 2019, and looking to surpass 6 billion views in 2023. The company has established itself as a leading Italian MCN, with hundreds of top-tier partner channels.

Innovative Solutions for Every Player

Greater Fool Media offers innovative solutions for every kind of player engaged in the paradigm shift from traditional to multiscreen video consumption. Brands such as Warner Bros., SONY, Telecom Italia, ENI, Universal, Audi, Ford, Best Western, eBay and many more have engaged with the company to reach their targeted audience with influencer campaigns and traditional pre-roll/mid-roll media buying. The company works continuously with agencies and media buyers to support the need for video inventory for their customers campaigns. The campaigns are managed through Google AdManager, GV360 and ADX.

Experienced Management Team

Greater Fool Media has a management team of experienced broadcast TV executives and tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a long-standing track record in creating new digital markets. The team’s unique know-how and expertise have helped the company establish itself as a leader in the industry.

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Greater Fool Media is a highly successful and innovative company that is committed to providing its partners with opportunities for growth and monetization. With its experienced management team and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, Greater Fool Media is well-positioned for continued success in the future.





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