Startup Showcase: Wear My Tags – The Global Crowdsourcing Platform for the Fashion Industry

Wear My Tags is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its unique global crowdsourcing platform that connects fashion industry professionals, ranging from fashion buyers to home-based fashion designers, to overseas suppliers and manufacturers. The platform provides a convenient and efficient way of sourcing fashion products and services, enabling users to save time and money while improving the quality of their fashion products. In this startup showcase, we will dive deeper into the features and benefits of Wear My Tags.

Sourcing made easy

Traditionally, sourcing in the fashion industry has been a tedious and expensive process, requiring professionals to rely on printed or online directories with no rating system, travel to trade shows or apparel marts, or even overseas to find the right supplier or manufacturer. However, Wear My Tags eliminates these headaches with its fast and efficient online competitive international crowdsourcing marketplace and environment, where professionals can post their projects and instantly have several companies competing for their business.

The platform is a game-changer, offering a simple and effective solution to global sourcing, breaking barriers, and making business happen in the global fashion and apparel world. Wear My Tags allows everyone, regardless of their location, to benefit from the sourcing platform. It connects international people and businesses, making it easy to source everything related to the fashion industry, from design concepts to full product production to global distribution.

One-stop-shop for the fashion industry

With Wear My Tags, sourcing is made easy. Everything can be sourced in one powerful online platform, making it a one-stop-shop for the fashion industry. The platform is ideal for large brands, small boutiques, home-based designers, trim manufacturers, textile companies, and fashion publicists.

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The platform’s lightning-fast and super-easy fashion sourcing solution enables users to produce and market an entire fashion line or have one simple design created. Wear My Tags connects users with a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring that users get the best prices and quality. The platform’s reputation rating system and the WMT guarantee from the screened preferred makers/suppliers add another layer of protection to ensure that users are getting quality products and services.


Wear My Tags is a unique and innovative platform that is transforming the fashion industry’s global sourcing landscape. The platform’s crowdsourcing model provides an easy and convenient way for fashion industry professionals to source products and services globally, saving them time and money while improving the quality of their fashion products. Wear My Tags is a one-stop-shop for the fashion industry, offering a fast, efficient, and easy fashion sourcing solution that makes fashion sourcing easy.





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