Startup Showcase: Gamned – Revolutionizing Digital Advertising through Programmatic Trading

Gamned, founded in 2009, is a programmatic trading-desk that offers multichannel programmatic campaigns and addresses all media problems on desktop and mobile. The Marseille-based startup has pioneered real-time bidding digital advertising and combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology to optimize advertisers’ digital marketing strategies. With an agnostic multi-DSP buying system, Gamned enables brands and agencies to target their audiences through real-time messages customization and delivers about 3 billion customized ads for its clients every month.

A Pioneer in Real-time Bidding Digital Advertising

Gamned! is an independent programmatic trading-desk founded in 2009 by Olivier Goulon (CEO) and Anthony Spinasse (COO). It offers multichannel programmatic campaigns to brands and agencies, allowing them to target their audiences through agnostic multi-DSP buying and real-time messages customization. The company combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver key insights for advertisers’ digital marketing strategies.

Gamned!’s real-time bidding digital advertising has revolutionized the way brands reach their audiences. It enables them to access a vast range of audience data to optimize their campaigns, including first and third-party data, geographic, demographic, behavioral, and contextual data. The startup provides its clients with programmatic media buying services for display, video, mobile, native, social, radio, and DOOH.

Multi-awarded Tools for Key Insights and Optimization

The multi-awarded tools of Gamned! bring key insights for advertisers to optimize their digital marketing strategies. These include Gamned! X, a proprietary DMP that allows clients to collect, segment, and activate their first and third-party data, and Gamned! Boost, a proprietary algorithm that optimizes campaigns in real-time to ensure the best performance and results.

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Gamned! has optimized more than 2,500 programmatic campaigns in 80 countries for its clients, including SeLoger, L’Occitane, Allianz, Monoprix, EDF, BMW, SNCF, LeLynx, Intersport, Fortuneo, PMU, Pernod Ricard, and Fly. With seven offices worldwide, including Belgium, Brazil, France, United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland, Gamned! manages more than 400 clients.

Revolutionizing Digital Advertising with Agnostic Multi-DSP Buying System

Gamned! is revolutionizing digital advertising with its agnostic multi-DSP buying system, which enables brands and agencies to target their audiences across different channels and devices. With its real-time bidding digital advertising, the startup provides clients with a powerful tool to optimize their campaigns and reach their audiences effectively. Gamned!’s commitment to providing key insights and optimization tools ensures its clients’ digital marketing strategies are always at the forefront of the industry.


In conclusion, Gamned! is an independent programmatic trading-desk that has revolutionized digital advertising through its real-time bidding system. Its agnostic multi-DSP buying system, combined with key insights and optimization tools, enables brands and agencies to target their audiences effectively across different channels and devices. With a presence in seven countries and managing more than 400 clients, Gamned! is leading the way in programmatic advertising.





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