Startup Showcase: Wable Systems Transforms Hospitality Experiences

Reimagining Socializing with Cutting-Edge Technology in the Heart of Europe

In our latest startup showcase, we unravel the thrilling journey of Wable Systems, a game-changing startup reshaping how we experience dining, lodging, and socializing. Based in Bucharest, Romania, Wable Systems has created a remarkable blend of hardware and software solutions, making your restaurant visits, hotel stays, and clubbing adventures an absolute breeze.

A Technological Symphony in the Hospitality Sector

Wable Systems is not your typical tech startup. It merges two realms – hardware and software – to create an immersive, convenient, and enjoyable user experience. The unique combination of an intelligent table and a social mobile application brings the power of the latest technologies to your fingertips.

From ordering food directly from your table to using a fingerprint scanner for payments, Wable’s smart table integrates cutting-edge technology with a modern design. It caters to the ever-growing demand for wireless charging, offering an uninterrupted entertainment experience.

The Future of Reservations and Orders

Imagine being able to reserve a table in real-time without any human intervention. Or having the ability to see the live status of a table and choose its location. These are no longer part of a sci-fi movie; they are the reality offered by Wable’s social mobile application.

The app allows users to invite friends out, check-in, earn points and badges, and even unlock unique rewards at different establishments. It is a portal into a more connected and interactive world of hospitality, making your reservations, orders, and payments as seamless as possible.

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Boosting Social Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Wable Systems takes social engagement a notch higher. Its platform enables live recommendations sorted by distance, price, and popularity. Users can chat with other ‘Wable’ users, vote for their favourite places, and even pay the bill for others. The company has ingeniously weaved in elements of a social network into its offerings, transforming the way we interact and engage in social activities.

Moreover, loyal customers get the perk of pre-ordering. The potential for personalized customer experiences and loyalty programs is endless. These innovative features not only offer a unique dining and lodging experience but also help businesses foster stronger relationships with their customers.

Join the Wable Revolution

Wable Systems is much more than a tech startup; it’s the herald of a new era in hospitality. The company stands at the intersection of technology and customer experience, revolutionizing the way we socialize, dine, and lodge. It truly embodies the innovation that the startup world brings to our everyday lives.

Ready to experience the future of hospitality? Start your journey with Wable Systems now.


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