Startup Showcase: VIOSO Revolutionizes Projection Technology with Innovative Software Solutions

VIOSO is a Düsseldorf-based startup that provides cutting-edge auto alignment blending, warping, and media server solutions for panoramic projections. Founded in 2007, the company’s goal is to supply international software for presentations. With its innovative software solutions, VIOSO has revolutionized the field of projection technology and made it possible to project on any surface.

The Story Behind VIOSO

The story of VIOSO started in 2004 at the Bauhaus University in Weimar with the “smartprojector” venture. The idea was to create a software package that could project on any surface. In 2007, VIOSO GmbH was created to bring this brilliant idea to the marketplace. Since then, VIOSO has undergone a rigorous development program, and today, a team of 13 employees is working hard to achieve its goal of supplying international software for presentations.

VIOSO Presenter: The Ultimate Presentation Tool

In 2010, VIOSO released its brand new version of the old product smartprojecting, the VIOSO Presenter. This software brings a change into the philosophy of presentations, moving away from simply showing information to entertaining your audience. With VIOSO Presenter, you can enhance your presentation without any previous knowledge. You can use familiar programs such as PowerPoint, Word, or PhotoShop, as well as pictures, videos, etc. and simply drag and drop them into the VIOSO Presenter. Display your presentation with special 3D effects such as picture-in-picture with a self-chosen background image.

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Wings VIOSO: Professional Show and Event Control

Together with the media server specialist AV Stumpfl, VIOSO developed Wings VIOSO to create and control professional shows and events. Wings VIOSO is a combination of VIOSO technology, providing automatic multi-display projections, stacking, and warping in addition to wall correction technology, and AV Stumpfl’s powerful media server, Wings Platinum. This software is perfect for controlling complex shows, events, and installations with multiple projectors.

VIOSO Development: Custom Solutions for Bespoke Projects

VIOSO also offers bespoke projects according to client specifications under the name VIOSO Development. The team of experts at VIOSO works closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop tailor-made solutions to meet their specific needs.


VIOSO has revolutionized the field of projection technology with its innovative software solutions. The company’s goal is to supply international software for presentations, and with its cutting-edge products like VIOSO Presenter and Wings VIOSO, it has certainly achieved this goal. If you’re looking for the ultimate presentation tool or professional show and event control software, VIOSO is the answer.



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