Startup Showcase: flinc GmbH – Social Mobility Network for Real-time Ridesharing

In the era of ride-hailing apps and transportation network companies, German-based flinc GmbH stands out as the world’s first social mobility network that matches drivers and passengers for ridesharing in real-time. This community-based application offers a dynamic, safe, and automated service that gets users from A to B in the most efficient and convenient way possible. This startup showcase explores how flinc is changing the game in the transportation industry.

Ridesharing Made Easy with flinc

Flinc is the app for sharing everyday rides, which combines state-of-the-art technology with social networking. Using a desktop, smartphone, or navigation device, users can be matched in real-time with members from their trusted social mobility network and share rides. Flinc’s innovative route matching algorithm finds riders anywhere along the driver’s route and calculates detours and prices. Users can choose whether they want to be matched only with direct contacts, peer groups (companies, universities, others), or anyone in the network. The app also provides electronic payment and user rating options.

Flinc’s unique selling point is its integration with navigation software. The driver can navigate directly to the passenger without a phone call or text message, making the experience seamless and hassle-free. For riders, flinc offers an alternative to the privately-owned vehicle. Flinc can establish a ride either pre-planned or in real-time, taking passengers from any location, including their front door, to their destination of choice.

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Special Solutions for Companies and Public Transit

Flinc offers special solutions for companies and public transit organizations. The company solutions provide a safe, environment-friendly, and beneficial commute to employees. The public transit integration combines ridesharing with public transit, enabling commuters to inquire about ridesharing through the flinc app while comparing and combining different modes of transportation. The app has integrated train timetables and schedules of local transit systems.

Flott – Your On-Demand Mobility Platform

Flott is flinc’s solution for on-demand transit in urban areas. Flott provides customers with an on-demand shuttle service, making transportation in urban areas more convenient and efficient. Flott offers pick-up and drop-off points at any location, and riders can use the app to track the shuttle in real-time.

Flinc – The Perfect Mix of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Flinc offers a well-balanced team of experts in software development, data science, user experience design, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The team’s expertise and experience allow them to establish flinc’s services in any target market quickly and efficiently.


Flinc is changing the game in the transportation industry with its innovative social mobility network that connects drivers and passengers for real-time ridesharing. The app’s integration with navigation software, electronic payment options, and user rating system make the experience seamless and hassle-free. Flinc offers special solutions for companies and public transit organizations, as well as an on-demand mobility platform for urban areas. With its well-balanced team of experts, flinc is set to continue revolutionizing the transportation industry.




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