Startup Showcase: VideoAvatars – Interactive Video and Animated Characters for Compelling Ad Campaigns

Bringing Animated Characters to Life for Effective Brand Communication

VideoAvatars is a unique rich media vendor that specializes in the streaming of video characters and animations, backed by analytical data. With its own Premium Ad format, VideoAvatars is able to help brands create compelling ad campaigns that consumers love spending time with. The company is based in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, and has been making waves in the advertising industry with its innovative approach to video advertising.

VideoAvatars’ technology enables brands to use their new or existing characters effectively in online and mobile rich media campaigns across publisher and corporate sites. By delivering interactive video or animated characters, the company creates an immersive experience for users, making them more likely to engage with the brand’s message. VideoAvatars is a proven way to get consumers excited about a brand, products or services, and to initiate user action and interaction.

Creating Immersive Brand Experiences

VideoAvatars’ main expertise is in delivering interactive video or animated characters, be it a real human being, a 2D animal, or a 3D robot. The company’s technology allows these characters to interact with users in real-time, making them more engaging and memorable. VideoAvatars’ approach to advertising is based on creating an immersive brand experience that captures the attention of consumers and encourages them to interact with the brand. The company’s technology is also able to trigger a lift in brand awareness, message association, brand favourability, and increased recognition.

Analytics-Driven Campaigns

VideoAvatars provides dead simple and insightful campaign analytics that render robust reports of VideoAvatars’ performance. By leveraging analytical data, the company is able to optimize its campaigns for maximum engagement and effectiveness. The company’s data shows that consumers exposed to VideoAvatars rich media ads are far more likely to end up on the advertiser’s website to seek information about products or to complete a purchase. This makes VideoAvatars an excellent choice for brands that are looking to drive conversions and increase their ROI.

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In Conclusion

VideoAvatars is an exciting startup that is changing the way brands approach advertising. By leveraging interactive video and animated characters, the company is able to create immersive brand experiences that capture the attention of consumers and encourage them to interact with the brand. With its data-driven approach to advertising, VideoAvatars is able to optimize campaigns for maximum engagement and effectiveness, making it an excellent choice for brands looking to drive conversions and increase their ROI.





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