Startup Showcase: Ubidata – Pioneering Trailer Telematics and Supply Chain Solutions

Transforming Logistics with Innovative Telematics and Mobile Apps

Discover the trailblazing startup, Ubidata, as it revolutionizes the logistics industry through cutting-edge trailer telematics and supply chain mobile apps. With a focus on the Pharma and Food Retail sectors, Ubidata is redefining the way fleet management is approached, delivering unmatched efficiency and optimization.

Driving Logistics Excellence from Brussels to Beyond

The Belgian Telematics Leader

Founded in Brussels in 2003 by the visionary duo of Gérard Materna (CTO) and Dave Engel (Sales Director), Ubidata emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realm of fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. In 2008, they were joined by Paul Havelange (Managing Director), further bolstering the company’s leadership. Today, Ubidata is at the forefront of the industry with over 100 clients in Belgium, where it reigns as the market leader in truck trailer telematics and mobile applications for driver and goods management.

Catalyzing Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Technology

Ubidata’s journey is characterized by relentless innovation. Over the years, the company has harnessed state-of-the-art technology and software to empower clients in optimizing their transport and logistics operations. Through a scalable, asset-light business model with a strong Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revenue mix, Ubidata ensures enhanced cash flow visibility while providing exceptional solutions to its clients.

Transforming the Future of Logistics with Ubidata

Global Expansion: A New Horizon

Ubidata’s $2.2 million capital round, concluded in October 2015, has fueled its international expansion. Buoyed by its leadership status in Belgium, the company is on a mission to address the burgeoning demand from European transport and logistics companies. The two-fold focus includes trailer and wagon telematics technology, along with supply chain mobile applications for driver and goods management. With the Pharma and Food Retail sectors in sight, Ubidata is poised to bring its transformative solutions to a broader audience.

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Partnering for Growth: Investors and Visionaries

The capital round witnessed the participation of three distinguished investors, including Qbic Venture Partners. This strategic collaboration reflects the industry’s recognition of Ubidata’s potential to reshape logistics paradigms. As the startup’s journey unfolds, its partnerships and alliances will continue to drive innovation and progress.


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