Revolutionising European Logistics: How Can Bidding Platforms Reduce Shipping Costs?

Key Takeaways:

  • LogiDeals is a Dublin-based startup aimed at revolutionising the European logistics industry.
  • The platform connects logistics, transport, and haulage companies with customers, streamlining the process with a reverse auction bidding system.
  • Customers benefit from substantial cost savings and easy delivery requests while transport companies maximise their loads and save on customer acquisition and marketing efforts.
  • Whilst starting up in Ireland, the company aims to expand further into the European market.

An innovative startup headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, LogiDeals aims to revolutionise the European logistics industry. The technology company serves as an online bridge between transportation service providers, such as logistics and haulage companies, and individuals or companies who require these services. The central component of the LogiDeals strategy is a reverse auction bidding system, serving to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs for all parties involved.

The platform is simple yet efficient: customers list a delivery request, which takes no more than a minute, and hundreds of transport companies are instantly notified. These companies then bid to complete the delivery, ensuring the client several offers within minutes, with maximum discounts reaching up to 80% of the usual transportation cost. This demand-driven model thus democratises the logistics space, paving the way for a new era of transparency and value.

Unlike traditional logistics models, LogiDeals does not only cater to the end consumer. On the supply side, transport companies benefit from easy leads, time-efficient processes and maximized loads without having to spend resources on marketing and customer acquisition. This also mitigates the issue of partially or fully empty transportation runs – an issue hampering efficiency and sustainability efforts in the industry for years. Essentially, LogiDeals creates a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, aiding in the overall growth of the logistics sector.

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Moreover, the platform also provides a comprehensive set of tools for the consumers to vet their service providers. By allowing customers to check each company’s profile, opinions and ratings of other customers, it ensures a higher level of service quality and customer satisfaction. Obscure negotiations over the phone are a thing of the past, replaced by a transparent and real-time competitive system.

What the future holds for LogiDeals lies in the continued digital transformation of the logistics industry. With the shipping sector being one of the last industries to digitize, platforms like LogiDeals are integral to this much-needed change. With its unique approach to connecting service providers and consumers, the potential for this Dublin startup is enormous, not just within its current hub but across the European market. If the growth of bids and deals on their platform are any indicators, LogiDeals is set to be at the forefront of this logistical revolution.

Visit to learn more about their platform. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to stay up to date on their latest news and offers.

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