Startup Showcase: TomorrowData Empowering the Future: Redefining Device Control and Telemetry

In the bustling city of Turin, a digital evolution is underway that is changing the way devices are managed and controlled. This startup showcase dives into the remarkable journey of TomorrowData, an Italian startup that has pioneered iottly, a groundbreaking software tool for low-level remote control and telemetry applications. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing device management, TomorrowData has ushered in a new era of device intelligence.

Bridging the Gap with iottly

TomorrowData isn’t just a startup; it’s a visionary force that’s revolutionizing the way devices are connected and managed. At the heart of their innovation lies iottly, a software tool that bridges the gap between devices and the cloud. With this ingenious tool, devices equipped with the iottly agent can be permanently connected to a cloud-based device maintenance platform. This seamless connectivity empowers remote control and telemetry, unlocking a world of possibilities.

Empowering a Wide Spectrum of Devices

Iottly is a versatile solution that offers boundless applications. The software agent, which can be installed on any embedded device running Linux, opens doors for a diverse range of industries. From surveillance cameras to connected machines, from biomedical equipment to industrial automation systems, and from access control systems to building management systems, iottly offers a unified platform that brings devices to life, regardless of their domain.

Marco Rossi, one of the minds behind TomorrowData, explains, “We envisioned a future where devices seamlessly communicate with the cloud, enabling remote management and enhanced control. Iottly is our answer to that vision.”

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Seamless Device Management: The Cloud Interface

Iottly’s power lies not only in connecting devices but also in empowering technicians and users. Through a cloud web interface, technicians gain the ability to exercise full control over devices using familiar tools like SSH. This eliminates the need for cumbersome network configurations and simplifies the device management process. Iottly’s intuitive interface makes remote device control as straightforward as it should be, ensuring seamless management regardless of the user’s location.

Customization and Automation

TomorrowData doesn’t stop at seamless connectivity; they empower users to tailor their device management experience. With the provision of APIs, tasks like massive upgrades and health check notifications can be automated, streamlining operations and ensuring devices are operating at their best. Additionally, the iottly agent can be customized with Python scripts, allowing users to create personalized remote controls and macros that align with their specific needs.

Join the iottly Revolution

TomorrowData isn’t just offering a tool; they’re offering a transformative shift in the way devices are managed. To explore a world where devices are intelligently connected and seamlessly controlled, visit iottly’s website. Stay connected with TomorrowData’s innovative strides by following them on Twitter and Facebook.


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