Startup Showcase: Abridge Pioneering Sports and Beyond: Igniting Passions Across Fields

In the vibrant city of Milano, a startup is making waves across diverse sectors, uniting people through innovation and passion. This startup showcase delves into the extraordinary journey of Abridge, an Italian company that has carved a niche in Corporate, Media, and Educational fields. From pioneering a brand-new sport to creating engagement in learning environments, Abridge is redefining possibilities.

Empowering Through Diversity

Abridge isn’t just a startup; it’s a dynamic force that’s transforming multiple industries. With a focus on Corporate, Media, and Educational fields, the company’s impact extends far and wide. Abridge has harnessed the power of diversity, channeling it into groundbreaking initiatives that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Igniting a Sporting Revolution: LudoSport International

Among Abridge’s notable achievements is the creation of the LudoSport International franchising network. This groundbreaking endeavor has brought a brand-new sport to life, captivating the hearts of over 600 individuals across Europe. Originating in Italy in 2006, LudoSport is a sport like no other, engaging participants from ages 8 to 60+ in an environment that fosters skill development and camaraderie.

Enrico Pertoldi, a visionary behind Abridge, explains, “We believe in the power of sports to unite and inspire. LudoSport is a testament to our commitment to creating innovative and inclusive sporting experiences.”

Empowering Learning Through Engagement

Abridge’s impact goes beyond sports, extending into the realm of education. With an emphasis on engagement and progressive learning, Abridge provides pupils with a unique learning path through classes, events, national and international tournaments. This immersive approach brings a fresh perspective to education, leveraging passion and interest to fuel knowledge acquisition.

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Lightsaber Combat and Beyond: LamaDiLuce Brand

Under the brand name LamaDiLuce, Abridge has ventured into producing apparel and technical equipment designed for lightsaber combat—a pursuit that encapsulates imagination and skill. This extension of Abridge’s offerings adds a touch of fantasy to reality, allowing enthusiasts to embrace their favorite fictional worlds while participating in a sport that’s both engaging and innovative.

A Global Vision

Abridge is not confined by geographical boundaries. With a detailed business plan in place, the company aspires to establish a branch in the United States. This bold move involves introducing sporting activities and related equipment to multiple cities, starting with San Francisco and subsequently expanding to San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Through this endeavor, Abridge aims to inspire and engage communities across the ocean.

Join the Abridge Journey

Abridge isn’t just a company; it’s a catalyst for innovation, engagement, and growth. To explore the realm of Abridge and its diverse offerings, visit Abridge’s website. Stay connected and inspired by following their journey on LinkedIn.


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