Startup Showcase: Thalento – Unlocking the Power of People Potential

Thalento’s SaaS-based e-assessment and talent intelligence solutions enable companies to find, develop and retain top talent across various industries and geographies.

Thalento is a Belgian company that specializes in cloud-based e-assessment and talent intelligence solutions. It offers a range of products and solutions that help companies solve various HR challenges, from recruitment and selection to individual development plans and team benchmarking. With a presence in more than 40 countries and solutions available in 26 languages, Thalento is trusted by its clients to deliver high-quality services that unlock the power of people potential.

Innovative Talent Intelligence Solutions

Thalento provides innovative talent intelligence solutions that enable companies to identify, develop, and retain top talent. Its suite of cloud-based products includes assessments that measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, and job-specific competencies. Thalento’s solutions help companies make data-driven decisions, increase workforce engagement, and improve overall business performance.

The company’s flagship product, Thalento® Talent Insights, is a powerful talent intelligence platform that combines assessment data with other HR data sources to provide a comprehensive view of employees’ skills, behaviors, and potential. It enables companies to identify key talent gaps and develop personalized development plans that maximize employee potential and align with business objectives.

Thalento® Succession Planning is another innovative solution that helps companies identify and develop internal talent to fill key leadership positions. It provides a comprehensive view of employee skills, competencies, and career aspirations, enabling companies to identify high-potential employees and develop targeted development plans that prepare them for future leadership roles.

Scalable and User-Friendly Solutions

Thalento’s solutions are designed to be scalable and user-friendly, making it easy for companies of all sizes to leverage the power of e-assessment and talent intelligence. Its cloud-based solutions can be easily integrated with all major HRIS and ERP providers, ensuring seamless data exchange and minimizing disruption to business operations. Additionally, Thalento’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for HR professionals to access and interpret data, providing actionable insights that drive business results.

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Culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Thalento has a culture of innovation and collaboration that is reflected in the company’s commitment to research and development. Its team of experienced psychologists, IT specialists, and HR professionals work together to continuously improve and refine its solutions, ensuring they are at the forefront of the industry. Thalento is also committed to open innovation, contributing to open-source projects and collaborating with other companies to develop new solutions that address evolving HR challenges.


Thalento’s SaaS-based e-assessment and talent intelligence solutions help companies unlock the power of people potential, enabling them to find, develop, and retain top talent across various industries and geographies. With innovative solutions that are scalable and user-friendly, Thalento provides HR professionals with actionable insights that drive business results. Thalento is committed to research and development, open innovation, and collaboration, ensuring that its solutions are at the forefront of the industry.


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