Startup Showcase: Atmire – Increasing Scientific Progress Worldwide

Simplifying online access to scientific outcomes and publications

Atmire is a Belgium-based startup that is dedicated to increasing the speed of scientific progress worldwide by simplifying online access to scientific outcomes and publications. Founded in 2012, Atmire has become a go-to company for academic institutions, government agencies, international non-profits, and corporations looking to expose their digital output as widely as possible.

Revolutionizing the Scientific Publishing Industry

Atmire is revolutionizing the scientific publishing industry by developing open-source software and services that make scientific outcomes and publications easily accessible. The company’s expertise lies in developing institutional repositories, digital libraries, and publishing platforms that are optimized for the dissemination of scientific information.

Atmire offers a range of services, including software development, technical support, training, and consultancy. The company has helped numerous organizations improve their digital publishing workflows and enhance their online visibility. Atmire’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and are tailored to ensure that they receive maximum value from their investment.

Working with a Passion for Technology and Open Source

Atmire’s team members have a passion for modern technology, and they continuously aim to improve and offer better solutions to their clients. The company has a flat organizational structure, and everyone’s voice is heard, from interns to the CEO. Atmire encourages an open and collaborative work environment, where team members can share ideas and learn from each other.

Open source is part of Atmire’s DNA, and the company’s commitment to open-source principles sets it apart from other companies in the industry. Atmire contributes a vast amount of code back upstream to the open-source products they use, making their work accessible to less fortunate institutions and individuals.

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Final Thoughts

Atmire is a company that is making a significant impact on the scientific publishing industry. The company’s dedication to open source, combined with its expertise in developing institutional repositories, digital libraries, and publishing platforms, makes it a go-to company for organizations looking to enhance their online visibility and improve their digital publishing workflows. Atmire is committed to increasing the speed of scientific progress worldwide, and their mission is to simplify online access to scientific outcomes and publications.





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