Startup Showcase: Streamezzo – Empowering Media Mobile Solutions

Transforming Mobile Service Deployment and User Experience

Welcome to, the leading source for the latest and most innovative startups in Europe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we present Streamezzo, an exciting company based in Paris, France. Streamezzo is revolutionizing the mobile industry by developing cutting-edge media mobile solutions. With a focus on enabling seamless service deployment and enhancing user experiences, Streamezzo is at the forefront of mobile innovation.

Empowering Service Providers:

Streamezzo specializes in the development of media mobile products and solutions that empower telecom operators, broadcasters, media companies, content providers, and service providers. Their comprehensive suite of solutions enables these entities to design, develop, debug, and deploy services seamlessly onto cellular networks. Streamezzo’s innovative approach empowers service providers to deliver rich media experiences, interactive Mobile TV, multimedia services, portals, and widgets to mobile users.

Enhancing User Experiences:

Streamezzo’s Rich Media Software Suite lies at the core of their offerings. This suite comprises various components that work in synergy to enhance user experiences on mobile devices. The Rich Media Client enables mobile users to access a wide range of media services, including interactive Mobile TV, multimedia services, portals, and widgets. The Rich Media Server acts as an application server that facilitates the deployment of these media services. Streamezzo’s Workbench, an integrated multimedia authoring suite, allows service providers to create compelling content and applications. With Streamezzo’s solutions, users can enjoy dynamic and immersive experiences on their mobile devices.

Driving Mobile Innovation:

Streamezzo’s commitment to driving mobile innovation is evident in their range of solutions and services. They offer Interactive Mobile TV, enabling users to engage with interactive content and services on their mobile devices. Their Music Jukebox solution facilitates over-the-air music downloading, providing users with a seamless music streaming experience. Streamezzo’s on-device portal combines text, images, audio, and video to create a comprehensive mobile portal for users to access a wealth of information. The Event Microsite solution enables mobile marketing, empowering businesses to create engaging and interactive experiences for their customers. Streamezzo’s Dynamic User Interface offers a personalized user interface, giving customers direct access to specific services and applications. With their online interactive communication solutions, Streamezzo facilitates seamless and real-time communication between users and service providers.

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Streamezzo is transforming the mobile industry with its innovative media mobile solutions. By empowering service providers to design, develop, and deploy rich media experiences, Streamezzo enhances user experiences on mobile devices. With their comprehensive suite of solutions, Streamezzo enables telecom operators, broadcasters, media companies, content providers, and service providers to stay at the forefront of mobile innovation. As Streamezzo continues to drive mobile innovation, it is reshaping the way media is consumed and creating new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers in exciting and interactive ways.

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