Startup Showcase: Outsight – Revolutionizing Perception with 3D Semantic Cameras

Enabling Full Situation Awareness for Smart Machines

Welcome to, your go-to source for the latest and most exciting startups in Europe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we present Outsight, an innovative company based in Paris, France. Outsight is transforming the world of perception with its revolutionary 3D Semantic Camera technology. By providing smart machines and cities with full situation awareness, Outsight is paving the way for a smarter and safer future.

Unveiling the Power of 3D Semantic Cameras:

Outsight’s groundbreaking sensor, the 3D Semantic Camera, is a game-changer in the field of perception. This unique sensor combines cutting-edge software and hardware to deliver comprehensive real-time 3D data processing. It goes beyond traditional cameras by enabling remote material identification and offering an unparalleled ability for systems to perceive, understand, and interact with their surroundings in real time. With its advanced capabilities, the 3D Semantic Camera unlocks new possibilities for smart machines, including cars, drones, and robots.

Empowering Smart Machines:

Outsight’s mission is to create a smarter and safer world by equipping smart machines with superhuman capabilities. By leveraging the power of their 3D Semantic Camera, Outsight enables these machines to perceive their environment with exceptional accuracy and detail. This enhanced perception opens up a wide array of applications across industries such as autonomous driving, industrial automation, surveillance, and smart cities. By providing smart machines with full situation awareness, Outsight is driving innovation and shaping the future of intelligent systems.

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A Visionary Team and Global Presence:

Outsight is powered by an international team of talented scientists and engineers based in Paris, Helsinki, and San Francisco. With their diverse expertise and passion for technology, this team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of perception and revolutionizing the capabilities of smart machines. By collaborating across different locations, Outsight benefits from a global perspective and fosters innovation through cross-pollination of ideas and expertise.


Outsight is at the forefront of the perception revolution with its groundbreaking 3D Semantic Camera technology. By enabling smart machines to have full situation awareness, Outsight is driving the transformation of industries and shaping a smarter and safer future. With their team of visionary experts and global presence, Outsight is well-positioned to continue pushing the boundaries of perception and leading the way in the field of intelligent systems.

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