Startup Showcase: Stepsss Redefines Running with Smart Insoles

Enhancing Performance, Minimizing Injuries, and Tracking Progress

In the realm of fitness and running, Stepsss, a Sofia-based startup in Bulgaria, is transforming the way joggers and runners optimize their performance and minimize the risk of injuries. Stepsss produces “smart insoles” that gather data about users’ walking and running habits, offering insights and analysis to help improve results and enhance the overall running experience. With a focus on progress tracking and injury prevention, Stepsss empowers runners to reach new heights. Join us as we explore the innovative solutions offered by Stepsss in the world of smart fitness technology.

Monitoring Behavior, Tracking Progress

Stepsss has developed a sophisticated system that monitors the behavior of runners, providing valuable insights into their training sessions. The smart insoles, embedded with sensors, collect data on the dynamics of the foot, creating a diary of the runner’s performance. By analyzing this data, Stepsss helps runners identify patterns, improve their technique, and optimize their training routines. The system wirelessly streams data to the user’s mobile device, where real-time visualizations of walking and running behavior are displayed. This immediate feedback allows runners to make adjustments on the go and strive for better results.

Minimizing Injuries, Maximizing Safety

One of Stepsss’ key goals is to minimize the risk of injuries among runners. Through comprehensive data analysis, the system can detect patterns that may indicate fatigue or increased trauma risk. By monitoring training loads and detecting signs of overtraining, Stepsss offers real-time warnings to joggers, empowering them to adjust their routines and reduce the likelihood of injuries. This injury prevention feature is particularly valuable for hobbyist runners and joggers who may lack professional guidance. Stepsss aims to make running safer and more accessible for individuals of all levels of experience.

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Personalized Progress Tracking and Analysis

Stepsss takes progress tracking to a new level through personalized and informative visualizations. The data collected from the smart insoles is processed and delivered to Stepsss’ servers, where it is transformed into visual representations of the user’s running behavior and progress. These visualizations, accessible through the user’s profile on the Stepsss website, offer detailed information and insights for further analysis. By providing a comprehensive progress diary, Stepsss empowers runners to understand their performance, set goals, and make data-driven decisions to improve their overall running experience.

Join the Stepsss Community and Transform Your Running Journey

Stepsss is revolutionizing the running landscape by harnessing the power of smart technology and data analysis. With their smart insoles, runners can monitor their behavior, track their progress, and minimize the risk of injuries. Join the Stepsss community, unlock new insights, and take your running performance to new heights.


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