Startup Showcase: SMS Data Systems – Pioneers in Mobile Solutions

Leading the way in innovative hard- and software applications for the mobile life of tomorrow.

SMS Data Systems, based in Vienna, Wien, Austria, creates innovative hard- and software applications for the mobile life of tomorrow. Their solutions range from complex systems for the telecommunications or transport and logistics industry, to useful consumer applications. With a focus on research and development, SMS Data Systems is dedicated to augmenting the field of technological feasibility and facilitating mobile communications in exceptional circumstances.

OFF-WEGO – Reliable MESH Off-Network Communication

OFF-WEGO is a unique MESH off-network communication technology that offers 100% reliability and easy-to-use voice and data communication without any infrastructure. With built-in repeaters and frequencies ranging from 380MHz to 2GHz, OFF-WEGO is designed to provide reliable communication in even the most challenging circumstances.

Smart Building Platform – xSB

SMS Data Systems’ Smart Building Platform xSB is a building digitalization platform that offers a range of use cases, from access control and alarming to monitoring and predictive maintenance. With xSB, building managers can take control of their building’s infrastructure and manage it more efficiently.

World-Wide Tracking System – CPS

The World-Wide Tracking System CPS is a world-wide asset tracking system that operates with no roaming charges. With its unique and patented automatic switching flight mode function, CPS is an ideal solution for tracking assets around the world.

Storm Warning System – SWS

The Storm Warning System SWS is a solution for providing accurate and timely storm warnings to people in affected areas. With its ability to quickly and accurately detect storms, the SWS helps to keep people safe and informed.

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SMS Data Systems is a pioneer in the mobile sector, offering innovative solutions for the challenges of society, economy, and industry. With a range of products, including the OFF-WEGO MESH off-network communication technology, the Smart Building Platform xSB, the World-Wide Tracking System CPS, and the Storm Warning System SWS, SMS Data Systems is leading the way in innovative hard- and software applications for the mobile life of tomorrow.


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