Startup Showcase: SEON. Fraud Fighters – Protecting Online Businesses

The rise of online fraud has become a serious concern for businesses worldwide. In response to this growing threat, Budapest-based startup SEON has developed an innovative suite of products that help online businesses protect themselves from fraudulent activity.

SEON’s products are designed to deliver effective risk prevention while also giving businesses complete freedom in how they fight fraud. Whether you use SEON’s lightweight modules or its full end-to-end solution, the company’s products provide powerful insights on better fraud management, helping businesses stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Effective Risk Prevention with SEON Intelligence Tool

SEON Intelligence Tool is SEON’s unique and innovative data enrichment solution that collects all accessible data points about a customer’s digital footprint from open, social sources. This powerful tool enables businesses to speed up manual reviews and accelerate their risk management process.

SEON Intelligence Tool can be used as a one-click Chrome plugin or via API, making it a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. The tool provides businesses with a wealth of information, including email addresses, social media profiles, and IP addresses, enabling them to quickly and accurately assess the risk of fraudulent activity.

End-to-End Fraud Protection with SEON Sense Platform

SEON Sense Platform is SEON’s flagship end-to-end solution that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention tools. The platform analyzes users’ online behavior with velocity rules, software and hardware configuration with device fingerprinting, and enriches data in real-time through email, phone, and IP analysis combined with social media profiling.

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The platform’s data feeds into SEON’s automated, machine-learning driven system, which uses predictive risk scoring to automate decisioning and speed up manual reviews. The platform is fully customizable via API, or a stunning GUI with full team management features, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to protect themselves from fraudulent activity.

Powerful Insights for Better Fraud Management

At SEON, the company’s goal is not just to provide businesses with fraud prevention tools but to also build strong relationships with its clients. SEON’s team shares powerful insights on better fraud management with its clients, enabling them to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

SEON’s products are accessible, fully customizable, and provide businesses with the flexibility to fight fraud on their own terms. With SEON, businesses can protect themselves from the growing threat of online fraud while also benefiting from powerful insights on better fraud management.

A Bright Future for SEON

SEON is a startup to watch in the fraud prevention industry, as its innovative products are helping online businesses protect themselves from fraudulent activity. The company’s flexible and customizable solutions, along with its commitment to building strong relationships with clients, have earned it a reputation as a leader in the industry.

As online fraud continues to be a growing concern for businesses worldwide, SEON is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.





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