Startup Showcase: Screen6 – Reinventing Cross-Device Identification

Universal ID: The Future of Marketing in a Digital World

In an ever-connected, multi-device landscape, one company stands out in the mission to simplify and streamline cross-device marketing: Screen6. Hailing from Amsterdam, Screen6 has pioneered an “unbiased” universal ID solution, marrying privacy and efficiency, and set to reshape the very fabric of digital marketing.

Bridging Gaps: The Power of Universal ID

Navigating the complexities of cross-device identification has been a persistent challenge for marketers. The ambition? Crafting a seamless marketing journey across devices, ensuring both coherence and relevance. With its innovative universal ID solution, Screen6 is making strides in achieving this very objective.

Unlike its counterparts, Screen6’s ID solution places a premium on privacy. It enables marketers to orchestrate campaigns across devices while ensuring that individual clients maintain their autonomy and control over proprietary data. The approach is groundbreaking: by establishing client-specific ID graphs, Screen6 ensures data fidelity, guaranteeing that each client’s information remains insulated from external influences.

Adapting to Tomorrow: A Future-Proof Technology

The world of tech is in a constant state of flux. New devices emerge, and with them, fresh challenges for marketers. Recognizing this, Screen6 has developed technology designed to evolve. Their system isn’t just about recognizing devices; it’s about understanding user behavior, gauging how individuals interact with emerging technologies and media channels.

Crucially, Screen6’s platform respects the sanctity of client data. By developing universal IDs within the “Private Graphs” of each client, the company ensures that data remains exclusive, avoiding any mixing with external sources. This bespoke approach results in solutions that are not only custom-tailored but also compliant with global privacy standards.

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Revolution in Identification: Private Graphs

What truly sets Screen6 apart from its contemporaries is the concept of “Private Graphs”. These are unique to each client and rely purely on probabilistic data. Instead of depending on deterministic data and the risks of data sharing, Screen6 has harnessed the power of probabilistic data. This methodology identifies patterns within audience data, allowing Screen6 to process each client’s Private Graph within strict confines, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

By sidestepping the pitfalls of deterministic data and embracing a purely probabilistic approach, Screen6 has positioned itself at the vanguard of cross-device identification. Their method promises not only heightened accuracy but also a more personalized touch, which is becoming ever more critical in the realm of digital marketing.

Amsterdam’s Answer to the Future of Marketing

In the bustling city of Amsterdam, Screen6 has carved a niche for itself as a beacon of innovation in the marketing world. The challenges of the digital age require fresh solutions, and with its universal ID technology, Screen6 is showing the way. For those in the know, this is not just a company to watch but a trendsetter destined to redefine the rules of the game.

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