Startup Showcase: JustWatch – Revolutionizing Video Retargeting

Curating Cinema: The Ultimate Streaming Search Engine Experience

In today’s digital age, with the ever-expanding sea of content, finding that perfect movie or series to watch can be a Herculean task. Enter JustWatch, a Berlin-based startup that is redefining how we search for and consume our favorite video content, while simultaneously altering the landscape of video retargeting.

Streamline Your Streaming: JustWatch’s User-Centric Model

Navigating the multitude of streaming platforms can be daunting. Which platform has the latest season of your favorite show? Where can you buy that movie you’ve been itching to watch? JustWatch’s state-of-the-art search engine is here to make these dilemmas a thing of the past. Catering to the modern moviegoer, this app-centric platform helps users effortlessly discover where to legally stream or purchase their desired content.

Beyond just search functionality, JustWatch stands out by offering users customizable settings and filters. Whether you’re an ardent supporter of Amazon Prime, a genre-specific fan, or simply curious about this year’s releases, the platform’s user-friendly interface ensures your experience is both enjoyable and efficient.

Revolutionizing Video Retargeting: The AdTech Strategy

While JustWatch is an invaluable tool for the end consumer, its brilliance doesn’t stop there. At its core, JustWatch is also about reshaping the realm of video retargeting. Harnessing first-party data from over 100 million movie enthusiasts, they possess an unmatched understanding of movie tastes and purchase behaviors.

Their goal? To bridge the gap between movie studios and the right audience. With their comprehensive adtech stack, JustWatch can pinpoint and cater to specific fan bases, ensuring that advertisements are not only less intrusive but genuinely valuable. In essence, they’re not just targeting; they’re curating experiences.

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Innovation Rooted in Simplicity

While JustWatch might seem like a technological marvel, its beauty lies in its simplicity. Designed as a web app, it’s primed for tablets and smartphones but is equally functional on traditional computers. Their commitment to user experience is further highlighted by their decision to offer the service entirely free to users. The revenue? Driven by assisting movie studios in targeted advertising.

JustWatch’s holistic approach—providing unparalleled service to users while aiding the film industry in smart, efficient marketing—positions them at the forefront of the streaming and advertising nexus.

Berlin’s Best Kept Secret? Not for Long

From its conception, JustWatch has been laser-focused on one thing: connecting movie fans with their beloved content, regardless of global boundaries. With its unmatched streaming search engine and revolutionary retargeting campaigns, it won’t be long before JustWatch becomes synonymous with streaming search, not just in Berlin, but across the globe.

Connect with JustWatch:

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