Startup Showcase Robocath: Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Interventions with Medical Robotics

In this edition of Startup Showcase, we turn our attention to Robocath, a pioneering medical robotics startup based in Rouen, France. Robocath is at the forefront of the evolving medical robotics industry, designing and developing cutting-edge robotic solutions to revolutionize the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Join us as we explore how Robocath’s innovative technologies enhance the safety and precision of medical procedures, transforming the landscape of cardiovascular interventions.

Advancing Cardiovascular Treatment with Robotics

Robocath, founded in 2009 by Dr. Philippe Bencteux, is on a mission to redefine cardiovascular treatment through the use of medical robotics. As a key player in the rapidly evolving medical robotics industry, Robocath focuses on developing innovative solutions that not only enhance patient safety but also complement manual interventions. By combining reliable technologies with the expertise of medical professionals, Robocath aims to provide a new level of precision and efficiency in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

Introducing R-One™: Enhancing Robotic-Assisted Coronary Angioplasty

Robocath’s flagship solution, R-One™, is a groundbreaking robotic system that optimizes the safety and effectiveness of robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty. Built upon a unique technology, R-One™ is designed to perform specific movements with precision, creating better interventional conditions for medical professionals. By integrating robotic capabilities, R-One™ streamlines procedures, reducing potential risks and enhancing patient outcomes. The open architecture of R-One™ ensures compatibility with market-leading devices and cath labs, providing medical professionals with flexibility and ease of integration.

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Aiming for Leadership in Vascular Robotics and Remote Treatment

With a clear vision in mind, Robocath aims to establish itself as the world leader in vascular robotics. By pioneering innovative solutions in this domain, Robocath is revolutionizing the way cardiovascular diseases are treated. Beyond their current focus on robotic-assisted coronary angioplasty, Robocath is also dedicated to developing remote treatment capabilities for vascular emergencies. By leveraging robotics and remote technologies, Robocath envisions a future where patients can receive optimal care, regardless of their location, ensuring the best care pathway for all.

Advancing the Future of Cardiovascular Interventions

Robocath’s commitment to innovation extends beyond their current solutions. With a dedicated team of experts and ongoing research and development efforts, Robocath is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cardiovascular interventions. By harnessing the power of medical robotics, they are unlocking new possibilities to improve patient outcomes, enhance procedural efficiency, and advance the field of cardiovascular medicine.


Robocath is at the forefront of medical robotics, driving innovation in cardiovascular interventions. With their groundbreaking robotic solutions, such as R-One™, they are transforming the landscape of cardiovascular treatment, enhancing patient safety, and enabling precise interventions. Through their pursuit of becoming the world leader in vascular robotics and their dedication to developing remote treatment capabilities, Robocath is paving the way for a future where patients receive optimal care, regardless of geographical constraints.




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