Startup Showcase: PROKURIA – Revolutionizing Procurement with Cloud-based Solutions

If you are tired of dealing with the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone procurement process, you will be excited to hear about the innovative solutions offered by Prokuria. Prokuria is a cloud-based platform that automates sourcing and supplier management, enabling procurement teams worldwide to save significant costs and time. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Prokuria is revolutionizing procurement with its cloud-based solutions and user-friendly interface.

The Fastest, Easiest Solution for Automating Sourcing and SRM

Prokuria stands out from other procurement software solutions with its simple and intuitive interface that requires no training for buyers and suppliers. The platform’s fast implementation and data migration allow teams to start using it in weeks, compared to other platforms that take months. Prokuria’s pricing is also much more affordable than traditional market players, ensuring that the budget will not be blown up.

Efficient Supplier and Contract Management

Prokuria offers a range of cost-saving sourcing solutions, including faster supplier management through launching all types of sourcing events like RFI, RFQ, RFP, Reverse and Forward Auction, Dutch Auction, Dynamic Allocation. The platform also provides efficient supplier and contract management using dedicated tools like Supplier Relationship Management-SRM, Segmentation, Performance Reviews, Onboarding, Scorecards. With Prokuria, procurement teams can streamline sourcing-to-procurement processes, boost internal collaboration, alignment with stakeholders, speed of business, and cost savings.

Powerful Features and Benefits

Prokuria’s cloud-based platform offers powerful features such as customizable fields, modules, intelligent flows, and alerts. It also provides the latest standards in design and UX, making it easy for users to adopt. Prokuria is also the best solution for internal collaboration, as it allows teams to set tasks, tag other users in comments, and automate notifications and reminders. The platform offers real-time monitoring of supplier engagement, private webpages for suppliers to reply promptly, and smart automation rules for flows.

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Prokuria offers various benefits such as fast and easy implementation, white-labelling, custom applications, powerful price sheets, powerful questionnaires, supplier onboarding, custom approval flows, smart alerts and reminders, and efficient supplier and contract management. The platform also offers flexibility in roles and permissions, ensuring that access is granular and user roles are created depending on teams and organizations.

Revolutionizing Procurement with Cloud-based Solutions

In summary, Prokuria is revolutionizing procurement with its cloud-based solutions that enable procurement teams worldwide to save significant costs and time. Its powerful features and benefits, combined with its user-friendly interface, make it the fastest, easiest solution for automating sourcing and SRM. With its customizable fields, modules, intelligent flows, and alerts, Prokuria provides a flexible and efficient procurement process.

If you are looking for a procurement software solution that is easy to implement, intuitive to use, and provides significant cost and time savings, then Prokuria is the perfect platform for you. Check out their website and social media profiles to learn more about their services.



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