Startup Showcase: Evertoys Romania – Toys as a Service for Educational Fun and Learning

Subscription services have become increasingly popular for a variety of products and services, and Evertoys Romania is a startup that is capitalizing on this trend with its innovative toys as a service business model. The company provides a flat-fee subscription box of educational and STEM toys, which can be exchanged for free whenever the client wants. Evertoys Romania aims to become a leading toy and game rental provider in the region, with a vision of providing the best toys and games to every child at the right time, every time.

Educational and STEM-focused Subscription Service

Evertoys Romania is committed to providing its clients with a selection of premium, educational and STEM-focused toys that will encourage learning, exploration, and fun. The company offers a subscription level that gives access to a certain number and types of individual toys to be chosen for the next Evertoys box. Additionally, the company offers one subscription option for a prepackaged box of premium selected games and toys aimed at educational and science activities for the ages 2 – 8 years. The subscription is a flat fee, and the box of toys can be exchanged for free whenever the client wants, allowing for new and exciting toys to be enjoyed every month.

Monetized Marketplace for Toys and Children Related Goods

Evertoys Romania also provides a monetized marketplace for toys and toy/children related goods, which includes the acquisitions of used toys from its clients. This platform allows customers to buy toys at a steep discount, earn loyalty points, and even donate to disadvantaged children. The marketplace will be powered by an internal credit system, with clients receiving a certain amount of credits (Everchips) for each subscription level. These credits can be used to choose their toys, and any unused credits will go into the vault for later use or can be used to receive bonuses from Evertoys’ business partners.

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User-Friendly Ecosystem

Evertoys Romania is built to be a user-friendly ecosystem that provides a fun and streamlined experience. Clients can easily select their favorite toys for their next box, with the mobile application making it available at just one touch away. The company’s vision of becoming the leading toy and game rental provider in the region is supported by its objective of excelling in diversity, ease of ordering, and quality of customer relations.


Evertoys Romania is a startup that is focused on providing high-quality, educational and STEM-focused toys for children through a flat-fee subscription box. With a vision of making the best toys and games accessible to every child, the company is committed to creating a user-friendly ecosystem that provides a fun and streamlined experience for its clients. With a monetized marketplace for toys and children related goods, Evertoys Romania is well-positioned to become a leading toy and game rental provider in the region.




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