Startup Showcase: Ninchat – The Secure White-Label Chat Platform for Demanding Customers

Ninchat is a Finnish startup that provides a white-label chat platform for large enterprise customers who require a high level of security and customization. With Ninchat, companies can offer their customers a flexible communication tool that can be seamlessly integrated into their backend systems. From 1-1 chat on websites to responsive mobile sites, native mobile apps (iOS, Android, WP), Facebook and ad/banner-networks, Ninchat provides a multi-channel communication platform that is secure and reliable.

Better Security and Unique Features

Ninchat offers a higher level of security than most online banks. Its connection is encrypted to ensure maximum protection for customers’ data. Additionally, Ninchat has the best statistics in the market with real-time customer satisfaction ratings. This allows companies to track the performance of their communication channels and improve the overall customer experience. The platform is also multi-channel, allowing customers to communicate with companies through any internet-enabled device.

Furthermore, Ninchat offers integration with customer CRM systems and contact center systems, allowing for better tracking of customer interactions and more efficient response times. The platform is designed for large customers, offering more flexibility and agility as a partner.

Trusted by Banks, Insurance Companies and Media

Ninchat’s customer base includes banks, insurance companies, media, and other financial companies. The platform has been specifically designed for large enterprises that require a high level of security and customization. Ninchat’s focus on providing a secure, customizable, and reliable communication platform has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Expansion Plans

As Ninchat looks to expand its operations internationally, it is currently raising investment rounds. The startup aims to expand its customer base and enhance its platform’s features, security, and flexibility. Ninchat has already proven itself to be a reliable and effective solution for large enterprises, and its expansion will allow even more companies to benefit from its secure white-label chat platform.


Ninchat is a Finnish startup that offers a white-label chat platform for large enterprises that require a high level of security, flexibility, and customization. Its unique features, including better security and multi-channel communication, have made it a trusted partner for some of the largest companies in the world. With its focus on expanding its operations internationally, Ninchat is poised to continue growing and providing innovative solutions for its customers.





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