Startup Showcase: Neogene Therapeutics – Pioneering T Cell Therapies for Cancer

Unlocking the Potential of Neo-Antigen Targeting

Welcome to our startup showcase featuring Neogene Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Neogene Therapeutics is at the forefront of cancer treatment, providing innovative T cell therapies that target mutated proteins known as neo-antigens. In this showcase, we explore how Neogene Therapeutics is revolutionizing cancer care by developing personalized therapies that harness the power of the patient’s immune system to fight cancer.

Engineering ‘Designer T Cells’ for Precision Targeting

Neogene Therapeutics is focused on developing novel technologies to engineer T cells with specificities for neo-antigens. These neo-antigens are mutated proteins found in cancer cells, making them ideal targets for therapy. By leveraging their proprietary platform, Neogene Therapeutics can isolate neo-antigen-specific T cell receptor (TCR) genes from tumor biopsies obtained from cancer patients during treatment. These TCR genes are then engineered into T cells, creating ‘designer T cells’ that possess an optimized ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells. This personalized approach holds great promise for enhancing the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy.

Empowering Precision Medicine with Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of Neogene Therapeutics’ platform lies state-of-the-art DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, and genetic screening tools. These advanced technologies enable the identification of neo-antigen-specific T cell receptor genes within tumor biopsies with high sensitivity and specificity. By leveraging these tools, Neogene Therapeutics can precisely target the unique neo-antigens present in each patient’s cancer cells. This personalized approach to cancer treatment allows for greater efficacy and minimized side effects, as the therapy is tailored to the individual characteristics of the patient’s tumor.

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Advancing Cancer Care with Scalability and Precision

One of the significant advantages of Neogene Therapeutics’ technology is its scalability. The platform enables the identification and engineering of neo-antigen-specific T cells at scale, ensuring that the therapy can be readily adapted to a large number of patients. By combining the power of high-throughput DNA sequencing and genetic screening, Neogene Therapeutics can efficiently identify the most relevant neo-antigens for targeting. This scalability, coupled with the precision of the therapy, positions Neogene Therapeutics as a pioneer in the field of personalized cancer immunotherapy.

Transforming Cancer Treatment with Personalized Solutions

Neogene Therapeutics is at the forefront of transforming cancer treatment by providing personalized T cell therapies that target neo-antigens. By harnessing the patient’s immune system and engineering ‘designer T cells’ specific to the patient’s tumor, Neogene Therapeutics offers a highly precise and effective treatment approach. This personalized solution holds immense potential for improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden of cancer worldwide. Neogene Therapeutics is committed to advancing the field of cancer immunotherapy and revolutionizing the way we approach cancer care.


Neogene Therapeutics is driving innovation in cancer treatment with its pioneering T cell therapies targeting neo-antigens. By developing ‘designer T cells’ through advanced genetic engineering and leveraging cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies, Neogene Therapeutics is delivering personalized solutions that hold great promise for cancer patients. With a focus on precision, scalability, and the power of the patient’s immune system, Neogene Therapeutics is revolutionizing cancer care and taking us closer to a future where personalized immunotherapies are the norm.


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