Startup Showcase: Myopowers Medical Technologies Revolutionizes Incontinence Treatment

Unleashing the Power of Artificial Muscles to Transform Lives

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest breakthroughs from the most promising startups across Europe. In this edition, we shine the spotlight on Myopowers Medical Technologies, a pioneering French medical device company revolutionizing the treatment of severe incontinences with their cutting-edge artificial muscle technology. Join us as we delve into their innovative approach to addressing unmet medical needs and transforming the lives of millions worldwide.

Unraveling the Essence of Myopowers Medical Technologies

At the heart of Besançon, Franche-Comte, France, a group of visionary minds are tirelessly working at Myopowers Medical Technologies to redefine medical possibilities. The company’s core mission is centered on developing groundbreaking technologies that extend muscle assistance to patients with high unmet medical needs. Their focus on the GI, cardiology, and urology areas has led them to craft a game-changing solution for stress urinary incontinence, a widespread condition impacting countless individuals globally.

Introducing ARTUS: The Future of Incontinence Treatment

Meet ARTUS, the innovative implantable device that is set to change the landscape of stress urinary incontinence treatment. Unlike traditional products with their limitations, ARTUS boasts an unparalleled design and functionality. Made from a smooth and flat silicon cuff placed around the urethra, this revolutionary device stands as the world’s first artificial urinary system explicitly tailored to cater to female patients, who constitute a significant majority in the urinary incontinence market.

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Seamless Adjustability for Optimal Patient Comfort

What sets ARTUS apart is its individual adjustability. Equipped with a user-friendly remote control, patients can effortlessly manage their voiding process, providing a sense of empowerment and control over their condition. The surgeon also benefits from real-time monitoring and adjustment capabilities, ensuring optimal functionality for each patient’s unique needs. This breakthrough marks a significant stride towards personalized healthcare, addressing the diverse requirements of individuals battling urinary incontinence.

The Impact of Myopowers Medical Technologies on Global Healthcare

Myopowers Medical Technologies’ groundbreaking innovation not only promises to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals, but it also presents a compelling solution for healthcare systems worldwide. By addressing the limitations of existing treatments, such as tissue erosion, infection, and mechanical failure, ARTUS reduces the need for frequent re-operations, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to managing stress urinary incontinence.

Join the Myopowers Movement

The journey to transforming the treatment of stress urinary incontinence is just beginning, and Myopowers Medical Technologies invites you to be a part of this transformative movement. As they pave the way for more breakthroughs in the field of artificial muscle technology, their dedication to enhancing patients’ lives remains unwavering.


In the realm of medical startups, Myopowers Medical Technologies shines as a beacon of hope, innovation, and progress. Their ARTUS device exemplifies the true potential of artificial muscle technology, setting new standards in incontinence treatment and patient care. As they continue their journey of transforming lives, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact Myopowers will have on global healthcare. Remember, the future of incontinence treatment is here, and it’s powered by Myopowers Medical Technologies.

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