Startup Showcase: GameX – Revolutionizing Gaming Recommendations

Unveiling GameX - A Cross-Platform Recommendation Engine for Gamers

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most exciting startups from across Europe. In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we present GameX, an innovative company based in Dublin, Ireland. GameX is transforming the gaming industry with its groundbreaking recommendation engine, which connects and analyzes data from the four major segments of gaming. From console to mobile, handheld to PC, empowers gamers to discover their next favorite game like never before.

Connecting the Gaming Industry: is the first company to bridge the gap between the various segments of the gaming industry, creating a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers. By combining the data from mobile, console, handheld, and PC gaming, GameX is able to understand gamers’ preferences and provide tailored recommendations. Whether you’re a dedicated console gamer looking to explore the world of mobile gaming or a PC enthusiast interested in console titles, GameX has you covered.

The Power of Recommendation:

At the core of GameX lies its powerful recommendation engine. Through a meticulous analysis of factors such as previous game achievements, in-game time spent, money spent on games, social media interactions, and even hardware requirements, GameX can deliver personalized recommendations that are unparalleled in the gaming industry. By considering hundreds of data points, GameX ensures that the recommendations provided are the best available, saving gamers time and enabling them to discover new and exciting gaming experiences.

Cross-Platform Recommendations:

GameX takes recommendations a step further by introducing cross-platform functionality. For instance, if a gamer has a rich console gaming history, GameX can recommend mobile games that align with their preferences. Likewise, a dedicated Xbox player can receive recommendations for PC games that suit their gaming style. This groundbreaking feature opens up a world of possibilities for gamers, enabling them to explore different platforms while staying true to their gaming preferences.

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Connecting Gamers and Developers:

GameX goes beyond game recommendations by facilitating connections within the gaming community. The platform can suggest the best gamers to connect with, creating opportunities for collaboration and competition. Additionally, GameX identifies the most influential developers to follow, allowing gamers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and releases. Furthermore, GameX provides users with personal analytics, giving gamers insights into their own gaming persona and helping them understand their gaming habits better.


GameX’s cross-platform recommendation engine is an innovation that has the potential to transform the gaming industry. By connecting data from various segments, provides gamers with tailored recommendations, allowing them to explore new games and platforms seamlessly. With its unique ability to cross-recommend and connect gamers and developers, GameX is reshaping the gaming landscape. Stay tuned as GameX continues to evolve and elevate the gaming experience for millions of players worldwide.

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