Startup Showcase: Chargetrip – Unlocking Seamless EV Driving and Charging

As the world moves towards sustainable transportation, the electric vehicle (EV) market is booming. However, with a lack of reliable and efficient charging infrastructure, EV driving and charging can still be challenging. Chargetrip, a Smart EV Routing platform based in Amsterdam, is revolutionizing the EV industry with its API SaaS platform, making EV driving and charging seamless while reducing operational costs and unlocking new business models.

Smart EV Routing for All EV Drivers and Fleets

Chargetrip’s routing engine uses over 15 dynamic variables to calculate the real-time range of any EV, currently supporting over 260 EV models. Its proprietary algorithms compute the best route from A to B (and beyond) with optimal charge stations in between. This routing technology is specific to the vehicle, journey, business logic, and fleet specifications, resulting in a customized charging plan that reduces travel time and cost.

Chargetrip’s Routing-API is easy to integrate into existing charge, navigation, fleet operating, and telematics applications, empowering customers to power solutions for individual EV-drivers and EV-fleets. This flexible integration approach has made Chargetrip’s API a popular choice for customers such as EnBW, Recharge, EDP, Iberdrola, Total, Porsche, Autosense, Elbil, and ANWB.

Reducing Operational Costs with Optimized Charging

Optimizing charging is not just about reducing travel time but also reducing costs. By using Chargetrip’s Routing-API, customers can integrate the platform into their fleet management systems, enabling them to schedule charging when energy is cheapest or when renewables are most abundant. With this feature, businesses can save money on energy costs while contributing to a greener planet.

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A Global Impact

Chargetrip has a global impact, and currently, over 175,000 EV drivers use their software every month, equal to 10% of all EVs in Europe. With Chargetrip’s Smart EV Routing platform, EV-driving and -charging have become more accessible and seamless, contributing to the growth of the sustainable transportation industry.

Chargetrip is the world’s leading Smart EV Routing platform, empowering EV drivers and businesses with a seamless and efficient charging solution. As the world moves towards sustainability, Chargetrip’s innovative technology is leading the way, unlocking new business models and reducing operational costs.




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