Startup Showcase: MotionWerk—Driving the Future of Shared Mobility

Reinventing Mobility Through Blockchain Solutions: The Road Ahead

Welcome to another edition of Startup Showcase, brought to you by Today, we’re featuring MotionWerk GmbH, a visionary startup from Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, that’s propelling shared mobility into the future with innovative blockchain solutions.

Transforming the Mobility Landscape: A Visionary Take

MotionWerk’s mission is bold yet straightforward: to connect everyone through shared mobility. To make this vision a reality, the company is developing a blockchain platform to support an open and secure infrastructure for the mobility business. Their commitment to creating a sustainable B2B network based on green energy and digital technology is not only impressive but also reflects a broader societal shift towards eco-friendly solutions.

Share&Charge: The Charging Network of the Future

One of MotionWerk’s standout products is Share&Charge, an all-encompassing network for charging stations. Designed to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), Share&Charge aims to connect EV users and facilitate collaborations among companies and organizations in the charging infrastructure space. The Share&Charge App simplifies the sharing of charging stations and automates billing for energy transactions, making it easier than ever for users to power up their electric vehicles.

Beyond Germany: The Global Mobility Initiative

MotionWerk is not just stopping at the German market; they have their sights set globally. They have already embarked on a series of ambitious projects, including:

  • Seamless EV-Charging “from Oslo to Rome”: An initiative that connects public and private charging infrastructure across Europe to enable cross-country EV charging.
  • Seamless EV-Charging in California: Partnering with eMotorWerks to create a P2P charging station network in the United States.
  • Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing (Pilot): Utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate P2P car sharing by managing access and payments.
  • Mobility as a Service (Pilot): Creating a seamless experience for using various types of transport across Germany with simple, convenient blockchain-based payment solutions.
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Why MotionWerk is the Company to Watch

MotionWerk’s innovative approach to shared mobility is setting the stage for the next generation of transportation solutions. By using blockchain technology to facilitate a secure and seamless experience, the company is not just solving current challenges but also preparing for the future of global mobility. With a strong commitment to sustainability and an expansive vision, MotionWerk is genuinely an exciting company to watch as it steers us towards a more connected, green, and efficient world.

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