Startup Showcase: Makewave – Pioneering OSGi Solutions for a Connected World

Empowering Industries with Innovative Ubiquitous Services

Welcome to the startup showcase of Makewave, a Swedish IT company based in Gothenburg. With a rich history rooted in a joint venture between telecom giants Ericsson and esteemed incubators Carlstedt Research & Technology, Makewave has emerged as a leading provider of OSGi technology solutions for embedded and enterprise applications. In this showcase, we will explore how Makewave leverages their expertise to drive innovation and empower industries with ubiquitous services, enabling their clients to thrive in a connected world.

Leading the Evolution of Ubiquitous Services:

Makewave is at the forefront of new and evolving markets, where innovative solutions for various industries converge into one cohesive ecosystem known as ubiquitous services. Leveraging their extensive experience and expertise, Makewave develops cutting-edge OSGi-based platform technology that serves as the foundation for the seamless integration of diverse systems and applications. Their solutions span industries such as automotive, enterprise, industrial, residential, and telecom, enabling organizations to unlock the potential of connected technologies and drive digital transformation. By seamlessly blending hardware and software, Makewave empowers industries to harness the power of connectivity and create value-added services that enhance efficiency, productivity, and user experience.

Unleashing the Power of OSGi Technology:

Makewave’s core competency lies in their proficiency with OSGi technology, a powerful framework for developing modular applications in Java. With their deep knowledge of distributed systems design and Java technology, Makewave offers a comprehensive suite of OSGi-based solutions that enable flexible, scalable, and interoperable systems. Their platform technology provides the foundation for building robust, extensible applications that can adapt to evolving business needs and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. By leveraging the benefits of OSGi, Makewave empowers their clients to rapidly develop and deploy innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and create new business opportunities.

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Accelerating Development and Maximizing Efficiency:

Makewave understands the challenges faced by technology- and software-intensive industries. To address these challenges, they combine their in-depth expertise in the latest technology trends with profound industrial knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. By leveraging their extensive experience and close collaboration with clients, Makewave helps shorten development times, optimize resource allocation, and ensure the most suitable technology is utilized efficiently. Their comprehensive suite of services, ranging from consulting and architecture design to implementation and support, provides end-to-end solutions that enable clients to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.

Partner with Makewave for Connected Success:

Makewave invites organizations seeking to embrace the power of connectivity and transform their industries to join forces. With their OSGi expertise, distributed systems design knowledge, and industry-specific insights, Makewave offers a strategic partnership that accelerates digital transformation and drives sustainable growth. By leveraging Makewave’s innovative solutions, clients can unlock the full potential of ubiquitous services, create compelling user experiences, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.



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