Startup Showcase: eFaqt – Revolutionizing Study Habits for Effective Learning

Empowering Students with a Collaborative Study Platform

Welcome to the startup showcase of eFaqt, a web platform based in Amsterdam that is transforming the way students of all ages study hard copy textbooks and articles. By leveraging collaborative learning techniques and innovative tools, eFaqt enables students to enhance their understanding, retention, and concentration, leading to more effective learning outcomes. In this showcase, we will delve into how eFaqt empowers students and institutions with its unique study platform.

Revolutionizing the Learning Process:

eFaqt offers a user-friendly web platform that harnesses the power of collaboration to revolutionize the learning process. Students can create summaries, questions, and notes for each chapter of their textbooks, fostering active engagement with the material. These valuable insights are then shared with other learners, creating a collaborative environment that encourages knowledge sharing and deeper understanding. By connecting students across different educational levels, eFaqt promotes a culture of collaborative learning, where everyone can benefit from the collective wisdom of their peers.

Effective Learning Techniques at Your Fingertips:

eFaqt integrates various learning techniques and tools to support students in their educational journey. Through the platform, students have access to features such as mind mapping, comprehensive reading, study time management, and material review. These tools are designed to engage students in different ways, activating both conscious and unconscious learning processes. By consciously employing these techniques, students develop essential study skills and habits that enhance their overall learning experience. With eFaqt, students can study smarter, not harder, optimizing their time and maximizing their academic potential.

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Tailored Solutions for Institutions and Businesses:

eFaqt goes beyond serving individual students by offering white label solutions for educational institutions and businesses. Institutions can integrate eFaqt’s platform into their learning management systems, providing students with a seamless and tailored study experience. By leveraging the power of collaboration and eFaqt’s learning tools, institutions can empower their students to take control of their learning process and achieve better academic outcomes. Furthermore, eFaqt extends its services to corporate partners, enabling businesses to provide effective learning and training solutions for their employees, fostering continuous professional development.

Join the eFaqt Learning Community:

eFaqt invites students, educational institutions, and businesses to join their learning community and unlock the potential of collaborative and effective studying. By utilizing the eFaqt platform, students can access a wealth of knowledge and resources, improving their academic performance. Educational institutions can enhance their learning environments and equip students with the necessary tools for success. Businesses can invest in their workforce’s professional development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.


With eFaqt, students can embark on a transformative learning journey, where collaboration, effective techniques, and personalized tools come together to unlock their full potential.


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