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Are you tired of struggling with the complex booking process and managing events? Look no further than, the online portal that makes event and booking management easy. Founded in 2012, the Berlin-based startup is revolutionizing the live music industry by creating a one-stop-shop for musicians, promoters, and event managers to book and manage gigs.

An Innovative B2B Platform for Live Music Professionals is a B2B platform that offers musicians the opportunity to showcase their work on individual microsites. The platform provides everything musicians need to succeed in the business world, including technical and catering riders, social media visibility, external links, press material, and audio and video files. Promoters can also create gigs tailored to their needs, with the platform’s matching algorithm offering musicians only the gigs that are a perfect fit for their genre and location.

The platform streamlines the booking process, allowing promoters to receive only qualified applications tailored to their specific needs. Once the basic rules for a gig have been agreed upon, a deal sheet is generated and offered for acceptance. If both parties accept the contract, contact details are shared, and a customizable info sheet can be downloaded for all the event’s details. This comprehensive service saves both musicians and promoters time and money, while improving the overall efficiency of the booking process.

Bringing Live Music to the Masses is helping to bring live music to the masses, providing musicians with a platform to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience. The platform’s innovative approach has already gained over 1,000 users, including 150 promoters, since its beta launch in December 2012. The company is looking to expand globally and has plans to enter the UK and US markets in the near future.

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In Conclusion is a game-changer in the live music industry, offering a user-friendly and comprehensive online platform for event and booking management. The platform’s unique matching algorithm ensures that musicians are matched with gigs that are a perfect fit for their genre and location, streamlining the booking process and saving time and money for everyone involved. With the platform’s continued expansion, is set to become the go-to platform for live music professionals around the world.





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