Startup Showcase: Curasight A/S – Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

As cancer continues to pose one of the greatest health challenges in the world, innovation in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment has become essential. One of the biotech startups in the forefront of addressing this need is Curasight A/S. This Denmark-based company is focused on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that target cancer indications.

Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Curasight A/S is a biotech startup dedicated to developing new solutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment of several cancer indications. The company has developed a highly specific PET imaging ligand, uTRACE®, which targets the receptor uPAR. uPAR is a biomarker that is only expressed in cancer cells, making uTRACE® a game-changer in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

uTRACE® is designed to deliver superior sensitivity and specificity, thereby enabling early and accurate detection of cancer. The PET imaging ligand is expected to revolutionize cancer diagnosis, especially for cancers that are difficult to detect using current methods. Moreover, with the promising results obtained in diagnostics, Curasight also plans to pursue uPAR targeted radionuclide therapy using the uTREAT® ligand.

Revolutionary Treatment Path

One of the key benefits of Curasight’s approach is that uTRACE® and uTREAT® are based on the same uPAR binding peptide. This means that a uTRACE® scan can precisely predict where subsequent targeted radiation therapy will be delivered, offering a new management and treatment of cancer patients in the future.

Curasight’s focus on the uPAR receptor as a biomarker is also unique, as it has been shown to be overexpressed in several types of cancer, including breast, lung, and prostate cancer. This makes uTRACE® and uTREAT® relevant for a wide range of cancer indications, offering the potential for personalized medicine and improved patient outcomes.

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Partnerships and Future Plans

Curasight has also been working with leading research institutions, hospitals, and clinical centers across the globe to conduct clinical studies and advance the development of uTRACE® and uTREAT®. The company has collaborations with several academic and industry partners, including Danish Technical University, Copenhagen University, and GE Healthcare.

Curasight’s innovative approach has garnered attention from investors and the industry alike. The company has raised significant funding from both public and private sources, including the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.

Looking forward, Curasight plans to continue the development and commercialization of uTRACE® and uTREAT®, expanding its presence in the global market. With its innovative approach and commitment to improving cancer diagnosis and treatment, Curasight is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the fight against cancer.


In conclusion, Curasight A/S is an innovative biotech startup that is poised to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment with its groundbreaking uTRACE® and uTREAT® technologies. Its commitment to improving patient outcomes and partnerships with leading academic and industry partners positions Curasight as a key player in the fight against cancer.


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