Startup Showcase: Favela Fabric – Unlocking Social Capital for Medium-Large Sized Organizations

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s more important than ever for organizations to be able to adapt and innovate. That’s where Favela Fabric comes in – a social business consultancy and services provider that helps medium-large sized organizations unlock their social capital and create value through valuable dialogues with their stakeholders.

Unlocking Social Capital Through Dialogue

At its core, Favela Fabric is all about unlocking social capital – knowledge, creativity, and information – through dialogue. The company’s team of over 40 social business and dialogue experts, community managers, and co-creation designers work with medium-large sized organizations to engage their employees, partners, and customers in valuable dialogue that creates value and unlocks social capital.

With a focus on customer and channel conversations, open innovation, and social knowledge and change, Favela Fabric uses its 4 P-methodology to create lasting change for its clients. The methodology combines people (an excellent team and known target group), program (theme-selection, content production, acquisition, and activation), process (from preparation, dialogue management, enrichment of insights and ideas to follow-up and embedding), and platform (social technology for maximum interaction, 24/7 and worldwide access combined with offline).

Overall, Favela Fabric enables dialogue and value creation on existing platforms (such as social media and intranet) or designs and develops custom-made platforms. With expertise in enterprise 2.0, social network analysis, learning networks, stakeholder engagement, co-creation, crowdsourcing, ideation, insight sourcing and validation (intelligence), and social branding, Favela Fabric is a thought leader and the most experienced full-service provider in Europe.

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Unlocking Social Capital for Lasting Change

At the end of the day, Favela Fabric is all about helping organizations unlock their social capital for lasting change. By creating value through valuable dialogues with stakeholders, Favela Fabric helps organizations adapt and innovate in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

To learn more about Favela Fabric, visit their website or follow them on social media.





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