Startup Showcase: Farmdok GmbH – Simple and Automated Farm Record Keeping

Say goodbye to tedious farm record keeping and hello to efficient farming with Farmdok.

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually keeping track of farm records? Look no further than Farmdok GmbH, a Lower Austrian AgTech startup based in Wieselburg, that has developed a simple and automated farm management system to make your life easier.

Farmdok’s Vision

Farmdok’s vision is to make the vast amount of agricultural data and information available to farmers, while also simplifying planning and recording in agriculture. With their mobile app, web system, and unique GPS driving pattern evaluation, Farmdok provides farmers with an efficient and reliable way to manage and document their production.

Features and Benefits

Farmdok’s mobile app allows farmers to easily record field data, track crop growth and harvests, and manage farm resources, all in one place. With the app, farmers can also generate reports for themselves or for authorities, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Farmdok’s web system provides a comprehensive overview of all farm data, including crop management, field utilization, and resource allocation. The system offers easy-to-understand charts and graphs to help farmers make informed decisions about their operations.

Farmdok’s unique GPS driving pattern evaluation is another key feature. The system tracks the paths of vehicles and machinery on the farm, allowing farmers to optimize their field operations and reduce fuel and labor costs.

Farmdok’s system also simplifies legal documentation obligations by automating the record keeping process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Founders’ Background

The four founders of Farmdok – Andreas, Johann, and Peter Prankl, as well as Franz Heinzlmaier – have an agricultural background themselves. They developed Farmdok with the motivation to not only make the huge amount of agricultural data and information available to the farmer but also to harness it. Their expertise in both agriculture and software development has allowed them to create a platform that truly meets the needs of modern farmers.

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Farmdok GmbH is a game changer in the field of farm management software, offering an innovative solution for simplified and automated farm record keeping. With its easy-to-use mobile app, comprehensive web system, and unique GPS driving pattern evaluation, Farmdok provides farmers with a reliable and efficient way to manage their production and stay compliant with legal obligations. If you’re a farmer looking to streamline your operations, check out Farmdok today!





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