Startup Showcase: Crealytics – Driving Performance in eCommerce Advertising

Maximize your profitability and Customer Lifetime Value with Crealytics' holistic approach to eCommerce advertising.

Are you an eCommerce business looking to drive performance in your product advertising and paid search? Look no further than Crealytics, a forward-thinking performance marketing agency based in Berlin, Germany.

Crealytics’ Holistic Approach

Crealytics works exclusively in the retail sector, offering a holistic approach to search, shopping, and paid social campaigns on Google, Bing, Amazon, Pinterest, and Facebook. The company challenges assumptions about digital advertising and breaks down silos between marketing, merchandising, and pricing policy to help retailers maximize their investment in product ads.

Crealytics’ Proprietary Technology

Crealytics’ success is driven by their proprietary technology, backed by an in-house team of business intelligence and data scientists. Their platform removes the heavy lifting normally associated with campaign management, allowing retailers to focus on strategic thinking beyond basic search practices. Crealytics’ paid search campaigns occur globally, across 150 markets and in 20 languages, making them a truly international partner for eCommerce businesses.

Crealytics’ Strategic Services

Crealytics’ strategic services include Search Engine Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Social Advertising. With Search Engine Advertising, Crealytics leverages their proprietary technology to optimize campaigns for maximum profitability, focusing on high-value keywords and audience targeting. With Shopping Advertising, Crealytics helps retailers make the most of their product feeds, optimizing product titles, descriptions, and images to improve visibility and drive sales. With Social Advertising, Crealytics helps retailers leverage the power of social media to engage with customers and drive conversions.

Crealytics’ Global Reach

Crealytics has offices in London, New York, and Berlin, and their paid search campaigns occur globally, across 150 markets and in 20 languages. This global reach makes Crealytics an ideal partner for eCommerce businesses looking to expand their reach and maximize their investment in product ads.

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Crealytics is a leading performance marketing agency for eCommerce businesses, offering a holistic approach to search, shopping, and social advertising. With their proprietary technology and strategic services, Crealytics helps retailers maximize their investment in product ads, driving profitability and Customer Lifetime Value. If you’re an eCommerce business looking to take your advertising to the next level, check out Crealytics today!





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