Startup Showcase: erento Redefines Rental Experience with Collaborative Consumption

Unlock a World of Possibilities with Europe's Largest Online Rental Marketplace

In the age of collaborative consumption, erento, based in Berlin, Germany, stands at the forefront as Europe’s largest online rental marketplace. With a diverse range of rental items and services, erento connects rental “landlords” with its vast user base, offering a seamless and convenient rental experience. Since its inception in 2003, erento has evolved into a leading platform, revolutionizing the way people access and enjoy rental goods and services. Join us as we explore the innovative solutions offered by erento in the rental economy.

The Largest Online Rental Marketplace in Europe

erento prides itself on being the go-to destination for anyone in search of rental goods and services. With over 20,000 daily website visitors, erento connects these individuals with rental “landlords” who offer an extensive array of rental items and services. From physical goods such as sports cars, tools, and mobile homes to a wide range of services, erento’s platform caters to diverse needs and preferences. Through its user-friendly interface, erento provides a seamless experience, empowering individuals to find and rent what they need conveniently.

Evolution and Expansion: From Local to Europe’s Largest

Founded in 2003 by Chris Mueller and Uwe Kampschulte, erento initially focused on the German market as an online marketplace for rental items. However, rapid growth and success soon led erento to become Europe’s largest rental marketplace, expanding its presence to the UK, Austria, and Switzerland. In 2007, erento boasted over 640,000 rental items available for rent, with the number continuously growing. The company has undergone changes in management over the years, with leaders such as Oliver Weyergraf, Rainer Kroesing, Helmar Hipp, and Patrick Guenter driving its growth and innovation.

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Embracing Collaborative Consumption and Peer-to-Peer Rental

As part of its ongoing mission to embrace collaborative consumption and peer-to-peer rental, erento acquired Finnish online rental platform in November 2013. This strategic move strengthened erento’s position in the peer-to-peer rental and collaborative consumption space. With an expanded presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, and Finland, erento’s commitment to empowering individuals and promoting the rental economy remains unwavering. By connecting people in need of rental items and services, erento is fostering a sustainable and accessible rental ecosystem.

Experience the Possibilities with erento

erento’s commitment to open communication, innovation, teamwork, and commitment drives their vision of empowering the rental economy. Join the erento community, explore a diverse range of rental items and services, and be part of a collaborative consumption movement that is transforming the way we access and enjoy the things we need.


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