Startup Showcase: CytoTrack ApS Revolutionizes Cancer Detection

A Danish Medical Startup's Cutting-Edge Approach to Circulating Tumor Cells

In our latest Startup Showcase, we spotlight CytoTrack ApS, a company from Lyngby, Denmark, that’s making waves in the medical field with their innovative technology for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood. A game-changer in cancer diagnostics, their technology platform boasts high scanning capacity and precision, delivering unprecedented results in the fight against cancer.

Redefining Circulating Tumor Cells Detection

CytoTrack’s breakthrough technology emerges as a solution to a significant gap in the medical industry: the detection of CTCs. Traditionally, CTC detection relied on EpCAM enrichment or filtration based on cell size, which proved inadequate in isolating rare fetal cells. Recognizing this, CytoTrack developed an innovative system capable of detecting CTCs without relying on these traditional methods.

Their scanner boasts an ultra-high scanning capacity, able to analyze 100 million cells in just one minute. Along with this incredible speed, the technology also possesses a feature called CytoPicker. This feature enables the isolation of single intact cells, paving the way for downstream applications like Single Cell PCR and FISH.

From Research Project to Breakthrough Technology

CytoTrack ApS is the brainchild of a research project at The National Hospital of Denmark, headed by Professor John Philip. The project initially aimed to identify Foetal Cells in Maternal Blood (FCMB). However, they discovered that common instruments such as flow cytometry and common fluorescent scanners were ineffective in detecting rare fetal cells and lacked features for molecular characterization.

Christian Caspersen, seeing the need for a more effective detection system, invented the CytoTrack technology to meet the challenge of rare cell detection. Although originally designed to detect FCMB, the CytoTrack technology soon found its place in detecting CTCs, opening up a new front in the fight against cancer.

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Impacting the Future of Cancer Diagnostics

CytoTrack ApS is not just developing technology; it’s revolutionizing cancer diagnostics. With their innovative CTC detection platform, cancer cells can be detected and isolated earlier and more effectively. This offers a brighter prognosis for patients and empowers healthcare professionals with a more potent tool in their diagnostic arsenal.

CytoTrack is a testament to the transformative power of startups, demonstrating how innovative thinking and a commitment to solving pressing problems can yield solutions that can change lives, industries, and the world.

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