Startup Showcase: BetterNow – Empowering Charities with Online Fundraising

Helping Charities Raise Money and Awareness Through Online Fundraising

BetterNow is an online fundraising platform that helps charities across Europe raise money more efficiently and effectively. With their user-friendly platform, charities can easily connect with supporters, receive donations, and manage their online fundraisers. BetterNow is a game-changer for the charity world, and their innovative approach is making a real difference in the lives of people and communities around Europe.

Connecting with supporters and donors has never been easier thanks to BetterNow. This online fundraising platform streamlines the fundraising process, making it easy for charities to raise money and awareness for their cause. With BetterNow, supporters can create their own personal online fundraisers, share their cause with friends and family, and receive donations through secure online payment methods.

The Power of Online Fundraising for Charities

Traditional fundraising methods can be time-consuming and inefficient, often requiring extensive planning and resources. With BetterNow, charities can reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time, and receive donations from supporters across Europe. The platform also simplifies the process of managing multiple online fundraisers, allowing charities to focus on their core mission and connect with their supporters.

User-Friendly Platform for Fundraisers and Charities

BetterNow’s platform is designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for fundraisers and charities to navigate and use. Users can create their own personal online fundraising pages, set goals and timelines, and customize their pages with images and videos. Charities can easily manage their fundraising campaigns and connect with their supporters, receiving real-time updates on donations and progress.

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Supporting a New Generation of Socially Aware Fundraisers

BetterNow is not just a fundraising platform – it’s a movement. By connecting charities with a new generation of socially aware and connected fundraisers, BetterNow is changing the way people think about charitable giving. With the power of social media, fundraisers can spread their message and reach a wider audience, making it easier than ever to raise awareness and funds for important causes.

BetterNow is revolutionizing the way charities raise money and connect with their supporters. Their innovative platform is making a real difference in the world, and helping to create a brighter future for people and communities across Europe.





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