Startup Showcase: Soundreef—Revolutionizing the Music Royalty Landscape

The New Beat in Music Royalty Management: Transparency, Technology, and Timely Payments

Welcome to another edition of Startup Showcase, where we shine a spotlight on startups changing the game in their respective sectors. Today, we introduce you to Soundreef, a Milano-based startup that is taking on the monumental task of restructuring the convoluted world of music royalties.

An Alternative to Traditional Management: Why Soundreef?

Founded as an Independent Management Entity under EU Directive 2014/26/EU, Soundreef was established with a singular goal: to provide an alternative to the traditional Collective Management Organizations that often lack transparency and efficiency. Through the adoption of innovative technology and personalized customer service, Soundreef has managed to stand out as a beacon for artists and business users alike.

By managing the rights of over 25,000 authors and publishers globally, Soundreef aims to reward musical talents with fair, transparent, and prompt payment for the usage of their works. Whether it’s radio and TV broadcasters, digital service providers, or live event organizers, Soundreef makes it easier to obtain the mandatory licenses for using musical works.

Tech-Driven Transparency: How it Works?

At the core of Soundreef’s operations is its highly sophisticated content management platform, developed by Soundreef S.p.A., which is focused on auditing, collecting, and maximizing royalties. Their technology has the ability to process billions of transactions with an emphasis on improving data security and efficiency in the music industry.

This platform gives Soundreef a competitive edge by enabling it to meticulously track the usage of musical works and ensure that royalties are distributed promptly and transparently. This is a seismic shift from the often sluggish and murky processes that have plagued the music industry for years.

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A Global Perspective: Expanding Beyond Borders

One of the striking aspects of Soundreef is its global reach. Though incorporated in the U.K. and owned by Soundreef S.p.A. in Italy, the company operates throughout Europe, including Spain. Their global perspective allows them to manage a diverse range of authors and publishers, making them a one-stop solution for anyone in the music business seeking to manage their royalties effectively.

The Future Sounds Good

Soundreef is more than just a disruptive startup; it’s a vision of what the music royalty landscape should be—transparent, efficient, and fair. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on customer service, Soundreef is setting a new standard in how music royalties are managed and distributed.

For artists and business users tired of navigating the labyrinthine world of traditional Collective Management Organizations, Soundreef offers a refreshing alternative that puts transparency and efficiency at the forefront.

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