Startup Showcase: Berlin-Based Redefining Contract Management

Setting Up a New Standard in the Contractual Sphere, the Berlin-based startup, is rewriting the rules of the contract management game. By establishing an ingenious reminder system that allows users to stay on top of their contractual obligations, they’re helping consumers maximize their savings potential.

Revolutionizing Contractual Awareness

Founded in 2017 by Daniel Engelbarts and Christian Lang, fills a unique niche in the market. It’s not merely an ordinary reminder system; it is a tool that helps consumers optimize their contracts. By reminding users when notice periods are due, it helps them avoid unwelcome surprises and make informed decisions about contract renewals or changes.

Engelbarts and Lang aren’t new to the startup scene. They previously founded in 2008, a leading bargain and voucher portal in Germany, which was later acquired by RTL Germany in September 2014. With, the duo is leveraging their experience and success to bring a fresh solution to contract management.

A Trustworthy Reminder System

But how does it work? When you sign up, you have the option to set reminders for your various contracts. The system then alerts you when it’s time to reconsider your terms or seek better deals. It provides you with the best available offers, thus keeping you in the loop and ensuring you always get the most value from your contracts. This innovative approach can help users realize a savings potential of at least €1,700 per year.

The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. For consumers, it’s a completely free service. The company earns its revenue through agency commissions from partners, but this doesn’t affect the offers they present to the user. As with, the founders’ motto holds true here: Always provide the cheapest and best offers for the user.

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Revolutionizing the Energy Market isn’t stopping at contract management, though. The platform also helps users find the cheapest electricity and gas tariffs. By branching out into energy contracts, the company is extending its sphere of influence and solidifying its position as a game-changer in the consumer services industry.

By facilitating comparison shopping for energy tariffs, provides consumers with even more opportunities to save and helps them navigate the complexities of the energy market.

The Future of

With its innovative services, has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers manage their contracts. The company’s commitment to its user-first approach and its drive to maximize savings for consumers set it apart from the competition.

As continues to grow and expand its services, the future looks promising. And for consumers everywhere, it’s a welcome change to the status quo. This is one Berlin-based startup to watch.




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