Startup Showcase: Banking Circle – Next-Generation Financial Infrastructure for Global Banking Services

Banking Circle is a fully licensed bank based in Luxembourg, offering its Members the capability to make and receive cross-border transfers in seconds at a low cost. The company is a next-generation provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure that is leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. This Startup Showcase will dive into how Banking Circle is disrupting the traditional banking industry and enabling global banking services for financial institutions.

Revolutionizing the Financial Infrastructure

The traditional correspondent banking model is outdated, bureaucratic, and expensive. It can take several days for cross-border payments to settle, and fees can be prohibitively high. Banking Circle is changing the game by providing a next-generation financial infrastructure that enables financial institutions to bypass old and expensive systems.

Banks and Payments businesses can access a range of banking services – multi-currency bank accounts, local clearing, cross-border payments, and flexible business lending – compliantly and securely, without the need to build their own infrastructure and correspondent banking partner network. With Banking Circle, financial services businesses can focus on serving their end clients successfully and efficiently, allowing them to seize market opportunities.

Innovative Solutions for Financial Institutions

Banking Circle’s bespoke, flexible, scalable, and future-proofed solutions enable financial institutions to operate at the forefront of the industry. They provide a range of services, including Virtual IBANs, which allow businesses to have multiple virtual bank accounts under one physical account, and local clearing, which enables fast and low-cost domestic payments in multiple countries.

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Their cross-border payments service allows businesses to send and receive funds instantly, securely, and at a low cost. Their lending services provide flexible financing solutions tailored to the needs of the financial institutions they serve, allowing them to offer lending services to their clients.

Building a Better Financial Future

Banking Circle is leading the way in building a better financial future for financial institutions and their clients. By providing a next-generation financial infrastructure, they are enabling financial services businesses to operate efficiently, focus on their core business, and serve their clients successfully. The company’s innovative solutions are transforming the traditional banking industry, enabling global banking services, and empowering businesses to seize market opportunities.


Banking Circle is a game-changer in the banking industry, providing innovative solutions to financial institutions that enable them to bypass old and expensive systems. The company is leading the way in building a better financial future for businesses and their clients, providing them with a next-generation financial infrastructure that is bespoke, flexible, scalable, and future-proofed. By offering multi-currency bank accounts, local clearing, cross-border payments, and flexible business lending services, Banking Circle is empowering businesses to serve their clients successfully and efficiently, enabling them to seize market opportunities.





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